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Louis Roney: Good health, good life, good grief

inter Park can be grateful to our city commission for being more concerned with our future township than with the wishes of developers.

When and if Winter Park becomes only a busy suburb of Orlando, my house will be for sale.

Louis Roney: ‘Pot’ and Proust

We talk a lot about logic, but when have we managed to string any two periods of logic together to make sense for long?

It is the permanent unknown that spurs us on as it concomitantly holds us back, while we read Proust and try to rethink “Remembrance of Things Past” — times when we probably never even existed.

Louis Roney: Infamous last words

Communication via human speech is really quite a mysterious invention.

It appears that we take on understanding of many abstract words by the dramatic situation in which they first occur.

Louis Roney: Relative history

Relativity is everywhere you look. And who needs an Einstein to explain that the fourth dimension — time — is the glue that holds together the pieces of the world in which we live?

Reality is a constantly changing motion picture — not a still life. Change is the way of life. And change takes time. The change from young to old takes place too quickly for most of us.

Louis Roney: Here and there

I always stayed in the Hollywood Hotel and once had a room looking down from the second floor and on New Years Day could enjoy the whole Rose Bowl Parade from my window.

Bob Hope once gave me two 50-yard-line tickets to the Rose Bowl in Pasadena where I sat with great singer John Charles Thomas and movie actor Edmond Lowe.

Louis Roney: People

Mickey Rooney sat down at the grand piano and said, “So you’re a singer? — so sing.”

He sat down at the grand piano and said, “So you’re a singer?— so sing.” He played a bit of a song from the 40’s and I sang along and interpolated a high B-flat. “Ya’ got it alright,” he said.

Louis Roney: Musty musings

Signs of weakness from our president are answered by aggressive action from the Russian Putin — sure as shootin’!

We must finally learn that our White House must lead from strength, not from weakness, or the world will wipe its feet on us.

Orlando Philharmonic offers triumphant sendoff

Wilkins brought thrilling full sound to the symphony's conclusion and drained every drop of emotion from Sibelius’ musical “victory.”

On Saturday, April 5, the Orlando Philharmonic, with conductor Christopher Wilkins, performed “Finlandia,” the Symphony No. 2 of Jean Sibelius and the Brahms Violin Concerto with soloist Elmar Oliveira.

Louis Roney: Women and such

Men like to play with fire and are big risk-takers; women are fire extinguishers and lead men home safely from their adventurous tomfoolery.

We men lean individually and collectively upon women from the time we get up in the morning until we go to bed at night.

Guest artist season comes to laudable close

Barnatan’s pianism is prodigious

The recital of cellist Alisa Weilerstein and pianist Inon Barnatan on Sunday, March 30, in Tiedtke Hall presented by the Bach Festival Society turned out to be an impromptu affair.

Louis Roney: When weakness triumphs

Today’s recent sequence of international events is not salutary — we have a president who speaks from weakness that could well invite aggression from several already dangerous sources.

Something has got to change: either our protective stance, or the vapid words that come from our White House.

Louis Roney: As I was saying...

Many people’s early lives are spent as half of a partnership looking for the other half. Being alone is often a tolerable solution — for not just any partner can do the trick ideally.

It seems to me to be a miracle that with all the people walking around out there, that we ever meet the exactly right person with whom we are fated to spend the rest of our days and nights.

Louis Roney: Greed?

My attitude may be somewhat cynical, but after 93 years, I am quite convinced that the majority of human actions are designed to satisfy greed.

Greed is the emotion that causes people to go into outsized debt, which their rationality warns them they cannot repay.

Louis Roney: A decisive trip

We had still not figured out exactly why we had bought a house in Winter Park, where we had no particular reason to be. But reasons soon surfaced.

Life in Winter Park is about as good as it gets anywhere for people who own a house and have provided themselves with comfortable living in their later years.

Louis Roney: Alias “Mary Jane”

"Mary Jane” is almost as readily available as booze, and seems to be the drug that opens the door to cocaine, heroin and all the heavyweight mood-ameliorators

Those who lie to get a marijuana “prescription” from a “doctor” betray both the medic and themselves.

Review: Candlelight potpourri delights

Bach Festival delights

On Friday evening, Feb. 21, the Bach Festival presented an evening of highly varied music in Knowles Memorial Chapel at Rollins College.

Louis Roney: In no time, et al.

People choose to live in the darndest places and we’ll never know the reasons why!

I often wondered why, with so many roads running in all directions, people settled in so many places without any obvious selling points.

Louis Roney: Off we go

Are we saying goodbye to Tinker Field, Orlando’s most memorable sports setting since 1923 — the place where so many immortal sports, figures practiced and played?

I remember seeing Babe Ruth and Lou Gehrig, there… What else has Orlando got that is a national sports landmark?

Louis Roney: This, that, and whatcha may call it

When Eisenhower was president, I didn’t worry about getting into a war because I knew he’d be in it with us and we’d win. Can you imagine being in Obama’s war and following him into battle?

How much better off would we be, if we had gotten this president before he had dulled his senses with pot.

Louis Roney: Can you go home again?

Going back home and expecting to find what one left there years ago is both puzzling and futile.

I have come home again, yes – but Thomas Wolfe was right: the home I "knew" is no longer here.

Lauridsen's music pleases at Bach Festival

A mix of choral and orchestral

On Sunday, Jan. 26, at Knowles Memorial Chapel the Bach Festival Society presented the music of still-living American composer Morten Lauridsen.

Louis Roney: Friendships for a time

The war has been over a long time. And everything connected with the war is over, no matter how much value some of us may find in what we have lost irrevocably along the way.

I must admit to indulging in the exercise of trying to stretch even longtime friendships far beyond the capacity they may be capable of — seldom a successful venture.

Louis Roney: Decisions, decisions

In being decisive we all make mistakes. We hope our mistakes are small ones, and are rectifiable. Most usually are.

Most of the people to whom most people pay the most money are the people who make most of their big decisions for them.

Louis Roney: Thoughts for a New Year

Here on the dawn of a New Year is a welcome time to get all the objectionable things (and people) out of our lives.

Let’s move forward into 2014 with smiling optimism and only things and trustworthy people dear to us who inspire us with joy.

Louis Roney: Happy New Year!

Our personal clock starts the moment we are born and runs until our time is up – whenever that may be.

These days the air hot with controversy and politics takes on the semblance of actual warfare.

Louis Roney: Mr. Natale's Christmas

In the palm-edged driveway, Mr. Natale greeted the pale lad who stood there, “Well, sir, what can I do for you?”

Suddenly, Giuseppe Natale’s mouth opened wide and began to sing. The words,“Che gelida manina....” came out as clear and strong as they had when he sang “La Bohème” in the great opera houses of Europe.

Louis Roney: Questions from us ignoscenti

If the omnipotent God had wanted you to be perfect, why didn't he make you that way?

If questions still linger anywhere in one's beliefs, aren't they said to be the fault of the person involved, and not of the divine process?

Louis Roney: Getting things done

I was a little kid noticing that the way to get recognized favorably in this world is to do something — not just talk about it.

Some guys measure success in terms of dollars. I concentrate on what I have managed to accomplish.

Louis Roney: Competition and character

Football is a microcosmic non-lethal representation of war, I used to think.

I learned firsthand that football builds “character” and “characters.” These are two distinctly different things.

Louis Roney: Giving thanks

During this season of thanks I find my thoughts concentrating on things without which my life would be infinitely poorer, perhaps unbearable.

I am thankful for a keenly attuned conscience that keeps my pride from getting me too far in debt to reality.

Louis Roney: That old feeling again

I'm glad that I served and I'm also glad I survived. I lost a lot of friends...who will always remain young.

Veterans Day, which used to be called Armistice Day, reminds us of the many wars in which this country has invested wealth and blood.

Bach Festival spotlights Schubert

Festival brings Miró String Quartet

Schubert’s music is as entrancing in Winter Park, Fla., as in Vienna, Austria, where his genius graced the landscape for a mere 30 short years.

Louis Roney: Thicker than water

Would we be better off if society had made marriage simply a private contract between two individuals, with no wider implications?

Just as a family can produce the highest degree of pride and happiness, so can a family bring disappointment, squabbling, discord, and destruction.

Louis Roney: Spirit of the game - A true story

A library full of books is, in great part, a repository of mistakes the human race has made.

Smart dogs simply remember not to do things again which hurt them.

Louis Roney: Bemusing musings

Who is the worst president in your lifetime — in your opinion? Personally, I can think of no one worse than our present leader.

Expect President Obama to bring as many people as he can on to the U.S. citizenship rolls and expect their healthcare to be covered by you and me.

Louis Roney: Right on!

Women, sharing their lives intimately with men, are quick to identify a weak-kneed man in the White House such as we have today.

The subject of “mothers who stay home and mothers who work” is often discussed on TV these days.

Louis Roney: Speaking of speakers

When John Silber spoke, the other speakers were soon eclipsed, even forgotten.

John Silber was president of Boston University when I met him in New Smyrna at an Atlantic Center for the Arts symposium.

Review: Gabriel Preisser glows in triumph

This commentator was happy to see the large number of enthusiastic younger people in the highly appreciative crowd.

Louis Roney: How's tricks?

Life is a long series of occasional indispositions, the last of which being one from which we do not manage to recover.

Do some in this country feel that our great nation is sinking into a mire of lower standards of self-satisfaction, and is on a journey to a point of no return?

Louis Roney: Who are you?

True individuality is nearly impossible to distinguish these days.

True individuality is almost impossible to establish these days.

Review: Orlando Philharmonic

A heroic opening

The Orlando Philharmonic Orchestra opened at the Bob Carr Saturday, Sept. 28.

Louis Roney: Dilettantism

Don't expect too much from human interaction.

I was jolted into the world of dilettantism and reminded that human intercourse may all too often be just that and nothing more.

Louis Roney: Friends & Acquaintances

Political differences shouldn't affect your friendships.

They are dear and worthy people, despite their differences, and may take it as an insult that I don’t think politically as they do.

Louis Roney: Play On!

Revenge: Is getting even - even after all?

A football coach of mine used to tell us to block or tackle a guy as hard as we could, and then help him back to his feet.

Versatile baritone scores in Winter Park concert

Gabriel Preisser brought the house down.

Florida Opera Theater’s Opera In The Park Series showcased baritone Gabriel Preisser at the Winter Park Community Center.

Louis Roney: Learning to learn

What have you done in your life that's worth telling?

Do all the successes in your life add up to one big success?

Louis Roney: A smatter of chatter

Yogi Berra's gift for language and music at the Bob Carr.

In the Yankee dugout, someone would ask catcher Yogi Berra, "What time is it?" Yogi would answer, "You mean now?"

Louis Roney: A hurricane, Hodding and other friends

A ride with a Nobel Prize winner, long lost friends, and the hurricane that hit Harvard.

After Christmas, shortly before my 17th birthday, I received notice that I had won a scholarship through Harvard.

Louis Roney: Growing up & other fallacies

Children — everybody wants ’em, until they get ’em.

Having children is an iffy business, a road with lots of curves and bumps.

Louis Roney: Rustic rivals

Don't try to out-country an honest to goodness hick.

It’s perilous to be modest when you’re trying to “out-country” an honest-to-God hick.