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Chris Jepson: America is better than her choices

America needs an election with actual options; one where the candidates present real choice for the electorate.

Hillary Clinton, like Jeb Bush, is too beholden to Wall Street and corporate interests. Little choice there.

Chris Jepson: The Republican problem with truth

Facts or truth? Would you rather have the “truth” on your side or the facts?

Facts “are.” Truth is what we (each human) make it. What is truth to you is not necessarily true to others. That’s not the case with fact.

Chris Jepson: Hanging with old white boys

I’ve been fortunate all my life to be good friends with old men.

Being able to laugh uproariously at the foibles of mankind, at one’s self specifically, is a quality I seek in relationships. And kindness.

Chris Jepson: I’ll have what Sally had ... only real

What we all want is passion. We all want the delectable frisson of first encounters. That rush of pheromones, those nostril-flaring experiences of “new” love.

If you’ve never had “that” experience or it’s been so long since you’ve felt that way—that that part of you has been dead for years — well, that is the undeniable appeal of “Fifty Shades.”

Chris Jepson: Why I am a feminist

The healthier a society is for women, the better it is for us all.

If I were to identify one cause that would make America and the world a better place it would be to make life better for women.

Chris Jepson: Send in the clowns

Ah, the party of ideas is gearing-up to select its presidential nominee and, wait, what’s this, the candidates are already here unloading from the GOP clown car.

It’s quite a gaggle of Republican buffoons all trying, elbows flying, to be the one stepping first from the official Koch-sponsored car of Republican clowns.

Chris Jepson: It all goes

Women quite legitimately do not want to be marginalized or reduced to their physical attributes.

I, for one, know that the sexiest organ any woman possesses is between her ears.

Chris Jepson: At odds with America

More is not necessarily better when it comes to humanity. Because we can, should we?

Because we can grow the American population to half-a-billion residents in the lower 48 states, should we? Must we?

Chris Jepson: I propose a new national anthem

Do you ever wonder why America is forever at war? And is that – our forever warlike status – good for the nation, good for democracy?

Why does America forever engage in death and mayhem, jeopardizing our national treasury, sacrificing our servicemen and not come out the victor?

Chris Jepson: Wearing women's clothes

For the record I take an extra-large in a woman’s T-shirt.

So, I wear women’s clothing, oh, and I like interior design and decorating, wall coverings, furniture, art, flowers, architecture and Disco music. Any other stereotypes I can disabuse?

Chris Jepson: Dear Mr. President

Mr. President, I have a few recommendations for the remaining two years of your presidency.

Dear Mr. President, Thank you for your service to America. I appreciate your sacrifice.

No state of the union?

With all the discord and anger, we don't need a speech or even a letter to know the State of the Union. It stinks.

There have been so many times when we've been looking at issues in the wrong way. This is one of them.

Chris Jepson: Is Bill Cosby the Jerry Sandusky of American entertainment?

Is Bill Cosby the Jerry Sandusky of American Entertainment, a soon-to-be, formerly-beloved public figure who is now totally discredited as a lying hypocrite?

Is Bill Cosby representative, literally or as a metaphor, of American institutional decline? Once credible and believable but now discerned as corrupted, unreliable or incapable?

Chris Jepson: What ‘they’ do to the least of us

How does one effectively discuss race in America?

Is it any surprise then that there is a gulf — nay, an ocean — of misunderstanding between the races in America?

Chris Jepson: On behalf of all women

How can man — born of woman — harm other women?

Have men no imaginations? That woman you injure is someone else’s mother or sister or aunt or daughter. Is violence then acceptable to your sister, to your mother?

Chris Jepson: My gawd, a black president

The image of our black president is so at odds with what many white Americans inherently, fundamentally believe is the United States.

It must be clearly acknowledged (and joyously applauded) that America would not be nearly, not nearly the rich experience it is but for the many intellectual, artistic, and entrepreneurial contributions of black America.

Chris Jepson: Can we talk?

I’m amazed at the number of issues that we really cannot unemotionally, rationally discuss as a people, a culture, as a nation.

There’s the old chestnut of avoiding politics and religion in polite company. Something I have assiduously avoided all my life.

Chris Jepson: The Republican mind

The Republican mind is a thing of unmitigated wonder as it devolves backward to the 14th century.

Speaking of black holes, I just love the Republican mind, don’t you? I like how ideas to address what challenges America are lost there.

Chris Jepson: Them that gots the power makes da rules

That our democracy can be so brazenly hijacked by special interests is not a particularly new phenomenon.

My specific disappointment is with an electorate incapable of focusing-on and voting its own interests and, more importantly, by not insisting that our democracy, our electoral process remain free, open and fair.

Chris Jepson: A moral step for a better tomorrow

We know what we’re doing — the environmental destruction of our home — yet we mustn’t become disillusioned.

Despair, while an understandable response, is not a solution. We must act together; and we can on Nov. 4.

Chris Jepson: Houston, we have a problem

I have some advice for wait staff: If you want to increase your tips, adjust your language.

Is it really “no problem” that you are waiting on me and my guests? Is it “no problem” that I will be giving you money?

Chris Jepson: Life as a melody

I recently find myself asking myself: if I set my life to music, what would be my theme song?

ow would you assess your life and score it to music? Would you have different songs or melodies or symphonies even to correspond with the different periods in your life?

Chris Jepson: Pluralism is America’s national creed

America, through its Constitution, is a pluralistic nation comprised of many religions of which Christianity in its many permutations (evolutions) is but one of countless expressions of faith.

I am not so interested in anyone’s personal faith other than from a philosophical perspective. To publicly proclaim the “truth” of your faith is meaningless and irrelevant.

Chris Jepson: To play at being human

As a child I lived for recess, to play. As an adult, little has changed.

I learned as much on the playground as I did sitting in the classroom. You learn to play with others; to be part of a team, a side. You learn fair play. To share.

Chris Jepson: The rule of thumb

The recent revelations of abuse in the NFL illustrate how the league minimized the problem through inconsequential punishments. It is characteristic of our culture’s handling of such issues.

As sadly tragic as NFL players smacking “their” women around, I find the statistics of college campus rape and harassment even more disturbing.

Chris Jepson: In the beginning was your word

If humans did not speak or write, would there—without word—be a meaning to life? Is there a meaning to existence other than what humans attach to it?

Out of cosmic dust and time, from simplicity (relatively speaking) to complexity, humans exist. To the degree a meaning can be extracted from any of “that” is an individual determination.

Chris Jepson: Please, no popes or emperors

One take-away from studying history is that nations are no different from human beings in one respect: “Nothing lasts.”

Since the end of World War II, America has been a colossus, imperially striding the worldwide stage as the “final” international arbiter.

Chris Jepson: Out to pasture but not out of life

Old white boys, who needs ’em? The only permissible sex or ethnicity in America that is still allowed to be publicly lampooned are white men.

No one gets in your face for lampooning white boys, and why not. We have it coming, historically speaking.

Chris Jepson: The choice for governor — Tweedledum or Tweedledee?

Do we bet the governor’s mansion on the grifter (Tweedledum) we know or the conman (Tweedledee) we only think we know?

Some choice between grifter (Rick Scott) and conman (Charlie Crist). No amount of bathing could ever wash the stink off this election.

Chris Jepson: Less cant, more context

Context is a dirty word to many Americans. It suggests subjectivity when what humans want more than anything is certainty.

Certainty is comforting. Context challenges certainty by requiring one to use their imagination. Context implies accommodation.

Chris Jepson: No more barns in Winter Park

Winter Park is having a moment about its future. You see “No Density” signs around town protesting the large developments that seemingly spring-up like weeds in the garden we call Winter Park.

As significant (to me) as the density levels are the architectural aesthetics of any constructed projects. Why do our buildings and roadways have to look the way they do?

Chris Jepson: Voting for Colonel Sanders

I’ve been consistently reading history for 50 years and one observation, nay, one take-away conclusion, is that women, historically speaking, have had an exceedingly tough slog of it.

Since mankind started organizing into cities, male hierarchies (often theocratically based) determined that women were “substantively” inferior to men and put in place laws (restrictions) governing their movement.

Chris Jepson: What do we know? How do we know it?

We are born animals in need of a harness that hitches individual initiative with civic responsibility.

That human beings are “religious” surprises no one. I get that. For the past 10,000 or so years, explanations have been offered to understand the inexplicable.

Chris Jepson: Sunday at the White House

The premise is improbable. Open your home to the public every Sunday and, well, to paraphrase the famous line from the movie “Field of Dreams,” “If you build it, they will come.”

For the love of art, that is what is happening on Sundays at the White House, just south of downtown Orlando.

Chris Jepson: Thoughts too taxing to consider

I confess to being a “liberal” for one primary reason: Based on where we’ve arrived as a culture (America), I see no viable alternative to liberalism in addressing societal ills.

I am not, in other words, some softhearted, indiscriminate redistributionist hell-bent on playing the metaphorical Robin Hood.

Chris Jepson: Ya never know

What’s in a name? You move into any new community and various landmarks, parks, streets or buildings will be named after significant local civic leaders.

To betray the trust and confidence of a 6-year-old child, well, suffice it to say, prison isn’t sufficient punishment if I were holding the scales.

Chris Jepson: Why is everybody always picking on me?

A legitimate question that needs asking is, “What is in America’s national interest?” As in, why is it in the national interest to be militarily involved in the Middle East?

Is the extent to which we “care” about the region at all tied to the continued flow of oil as well as any “moral” solidarity America has with Israel?

Chris Jepson: Musings of a summer mind

Subscribing to the daily New York Times, nearly a decade ago, was undoubtedly the best gift I have given to myself as an adult.

To have the luxury of leisurely perusing the Times is a genuine joy. It’s mystifying to me why anyone (with the wherewithal) would deny himself this pleasure.

Chris Jepson: The end of your choice

I confess to disappointment over human lifespans. Some turtles, lots of trees, even some sponges—SPONGES!—have longer lifespans, years longer than human beings.

Dying isn’t the question. Never is. It’s when. It’s how. Make the living will. Have "DNR" tattooed in four-inch letters on your chest.

Chris Jepson: The war on women

Even the most cursory exposure to world history depicts the relentless marginalization of women.

Has there been a war on women? Examine our history, nay, simply look around the world today and truthfully answer.

Chris Jepson: Why is more humanity humane for the planet?

I believe the conversation has shifted. More and more Americans are considering the idea that mankind (our industrialization) contributes to global climate change.

We’ve quickly moved from climate denial to, “Well, that ship has sailed.”

Chris Jepson: War - another issue of choice

The true costs of war are seldom calculated with veracity in mind.

Our political leaders, in the name of national security, willingly sacrifice American servicemen.

Chris Jepson: Which is it, Sen. Rubio?

Ask yourself this: What would you say or do to win public office? This is what I cannot quite figure out about Marco Rubio.

Sen. Marco Rubio wants to be president of the United States. I haven’t yet determined whether he is merely ignorant or opportunistic or some egregious combination of the two qualities.

Chris Jepson: Whatever is does not have to be

Everything is a human construct. All of our material possessions, how we organize society and govern ourselves, our economic system, religion, our personal relationships. Everything.

Everything associated with being human is the result of our (historical) actions. Such awareness begs the question, “Is this the best we can do?”

Chris Jepson: 50 Shades of Grey

Humans live for sex. Literally and metaphorically. I think you’d have to be dead or nearly so to have no interest in sex.

No, this column is not about sex, it’s about aging. I was sprucing up recently for a party and noticed my first gray hair. In my nose.

Chris Jepson: Big, Dumb White Boys and other advocates of racism

You, Mr. Sterling, must know better than most that one’s ethnicity, race or religion is no justification for bigotry.

Is it coincidence or merely one of those times when coincidence “morphs” into irony when the U.S. Supreme Court upholds Michigan State’s ban on Affirmative Action just as two outrageous examples of racism roil the nation?

Chris Jepson: Nothing exceeds like excess

When a few exploit the many but the end product is beauty of an unimaginable scale, how are we (today) to judge how that artistic accomplishment was/is achieved?

On one hand, I truly love, for example, what the egoist Pope Leo X funded, but I have to question at what cost to society for such indulgence?

Chris Jepson: Skepticism vs. cynicism

Every so often I am reminded of just how narrow is the gap between knowledge and despair.

We’ve reached a point, environmentally speaking, where the scientific consensus has us either aggressively acting to curb greenhouse gases or to experience horrendous human suffering.

Chris Jepson: Half the 'good' minds come with ovaries

It is always interesting to consider that a white, post-Civil War America “assigned” a higher status to emancipated male slaves than it did to her already “free” mothers, wives and daughters.

Women did not achieve voting rights until the 1920s, decades after former male slaves were “awarded” such rights. Is it not puzzling how such societal “values” are determined?

Chris Jepson: You make America better

There is an undeniable inner joy and satisfaction that comes from doing good (for the benefit of humankind). Is that not then doing well while doing good?

It would seem, acts of charity and generosity definitely offer a return above and beyond the immediate feelings of happiness and control.