Staff Opinion


Should Winter Park get a new library?

Our opinions on the Winter Park library referendum

Come Election Day, Winter Park voters will face one of their most important financial decisions in years.

Endorsements for the Winter Park Commission election

Our picks for the March 15 election

Winter Park has had its share of contentious elections with seemingly broad splits between candidates.

How campaigns are deceiving you this election

Be a vigilant voter

About those pesky mailers and emails: In some cases they're being careless with some facts, or intentionally ignoring them.

Martin Luther King meets a steepening mountain

The economy versus the American dream.

Fifty years ago Martin Luther King Jr. asked to wake up to a dream of an equal America. But he wasn’t asking for it merely on racial terms.

It’s ‘City of Homes,’ not Graveyard of Homes

Preserving Winter Park's history up to residents

So far preserving Winter Park’s neighborhoods has been largely left up to the free market.

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Letter from the editor: Thanks for the stories

Managing editor says goodbye

It’s been an absolute pleasure getting to know Winter Park and Maitland through a journalist’s eyes. Now I’m excited to be on the other side, as a resident in the community.

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Two stories on Rollins nab state editorial awards

Stories about Rollins College's football team and senior photography class win state awards.

The Winter Park-Maitland Observer won awards in three categories at the Florida Press Association Better Weekly Newspaper awards on July 7.

Staff opinion: The state should do more for victims

The state should allocate more funds for rape crisis centers.

Sexual attacks often change victims’ entire lives.

Staff opinion: Buffeting a move for fairer taxes

The richest will do anything they can to avoid contributing to the necessary good.

Buffeting a move for fairer taxes

Staff opinion: Musical chairs in the workforce

The simple theory: If you cut taxes on businesses, they’ll use that money to hire employees. But to do what?

Gov. Rick Scott is making the rounds in Florida touting a new job board regulation bill and a new budget he hopes will create jobs (see letters below), but he doesn’t mention the part where jobs are already guaranteed to be lost before his plans even start.

Strip-searching the Fourth Amendment

Someone could conceivably be strip searched after feeding the homeless or for violating a leash law.

Strip-searching the Fourth Amendment

Staff opinion: Being forced to buy insurance isn’t new

People are forced to pay for things they don’t want to pay for all the time — it’s a fact of life.

Insurance debates

Staff opinion: Justice for Trayvon Martin

If George Zimmerman walks away free, we’ll have the perfect blueprint for blaming the dead.

Moments before George Zimmerman shot and killed 17-year-old Trayvon Martin, a police dispatcher told him to stand his ground, but he said it in a different way.

Staff opinion: At war with our own future

When we sacrifice our future to fight a war with an uncertain conclusion, we imperil our way of life.

Country is at war with its own future

Staff opinion: Hacking and crimes of enlightenment

If keeping the government open and its doings accessible to the people is journalism, then Julian Assange is a journalist.

Hacking and crimes of enlightenment