Letters to the Editor


Letter to the Editor: Maitland City Council is right to demand durable building code requirements

The Maitland City Council and Planning & Zoning Commission should be applauded for their desire to protect their community.

These efforts, if enacted, would create a more resilient Florida, and would benefit Floridians for generations to come.

Letter to the Editor: Wood-frame construction durable, affordable

It does not make sense to prohibit use of wood construction when state-of-the-art building codes identify its safe, long-term, and resilient.

The city of Maitland is looking into prohibiting wood-frame multi-family construction to improve the quality of the community. The citizens of Maitland would be hurt by such action and deserve better.

Letter to the editor: Know how to lose

I have noticed that most of the persons who voted in the recent election for the losing candidate must be from the group having grown up not knowing how to lose.

Letter to the Editor: Booby trap haunts unsold land

It seems that Winter Park is making a mistake and heading in the wrong direction… again.

And now, Winter Park seems poised to make a mistake again. "Surplus" land isn't like surplus widgets; you can order more widgets if you run out. Creating land isn't as easy.

Letter to the Editor: A holiday gift that matters

The holiday season is an appropriate time to do something for the caregiver.

Many family caregivers volunteer and, in the process, sacrifice their jobs and social lives to devote their time to a loved one in need.

Letter to the Editor: A LYNX rider's request

On a limited budget, a LYNX senior discount bus ticket would be most helpful and allow me to become a frequent rider.

Surely there must be a better way for a bus driver to affirm one’s over-65 age than to expect seniors to spend a morning on a trip downtown for an unnecessary ID card.

Letter to the Editor: In response to Chris Jepson

Mr. Jepson’s accusations against John Mica claim, “He embraces Trump’s sexist policies toward women” is absurd.

Chris Jepson’s misleading editorial on the race for the Seventh Congressional District continues perpetuating a distorted narrative that has been delivered with nearly $6 million spent by people who don’t live in the district.

Letter to the Editor: The power of the quotient

I want to speak to one word and three numbers.

What we have all realized in the Dr. Phillips Center for the Performing Arts, which really is the Dr. Phillips Center for the Performing Arts and Community, is truly unique and a testament to the collective action and participation of so many in our community.

Letter to the Editor: Cat policy is needed

After years of explaining and pleading to no avail with people feeding the cats, people with a less myopic view were forced to take a stand to protect nature’s other animals.

This nature center and birding site must be protected from this invasive species — the feral cat.

Letter to the Editor: New Winter Park cat policy is wrong

I am extremely distressed and upset by the new policy concerning the cats at Mead Gardens.

As an educator, I have always taught my students humane values. With this policy, it is kindness and compassion that are being punished and cruelty is being rewarded.

Letter to the Editor: Embrace the new library

We have an opportunity to improve our unique city once again. Let’s get on with it.

If the loss of green space is a concern, this battle should have been fought back when the Rachel D. Murrah Civic Center was built.

Letter to the Editor: CFFC stands with community after tragedy

Pulse shooting was a heinous act

The Central Florida Freethought Community is shocked and saddened by the shootings at Pulse nightclub.

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Letter to the Editor: Words on the library from a former commissioner

The library got its due process.

Earlier this year on March 15, a record number of Winter Park residents went to the polls. For months leading up to this date I outlined, as a candidate for re-election, a vision for our city.

Letter to the Editor: Love will overpower hate

St. Dorothy Catholic Community stands with LGBT Community

We must meet the challenges of combining freedom, pluralism and unity in our increasingly diverse society if the United States is to continue to be a beacon of hope to the world.

Letter to the Editor: Misled on the library

Comments by the mayor and others have been misleading

The mayor has stated on several occasions that the petition being circulated is illegal. I am not aware of any court that has ruled in that manner.