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Maitland works to conserve wetlands with new regulations

Writing new restrictions

Maitland’s wetlands are set to get a new layer of protection thanks to a City Council vote last month.

Maitland borrows $10 million to fund utilities

Maitland borrows money

After years of being clogged down by dwindling revenue, Maitland’s utility department received a jolt of $10 million to fix up city infrastructure on Monday.

Maitland's FlexBus project permanently stalls

Cities hit the brakes

Economic flat tires and repeated legislative stalls may have finally sent FlexBus to the junkyard.

Developer looks to squeeze out Maitland orange grove

Squeezing out last grove

A local developer is looking to squeeze out Maitland’s last remaining orange grove in favor of a large-scale lakeside retail and residential planned development.

Proposals resurface to extend Maitland downtown

Proposals come in

The proposed developer of the north block of Horatio Avenue in Maitland is looking to gain some independence with pre-application redevelopment plans submitted to the city in late July.

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Winter Park and Maitland mull over raising millage rates

Maitland votes for increase

After raising taxes for the first time in seven years last year, Maitland is on its way to bumping rates again. Across city lines, Winter Park City Commissioners also considered an uptick in the millage on Monday.

Maitland approves apartment complex on deteriorated wetlands

More apartments for Maitland

The Maitland City Council voted on Monday to replace the mucky lot with planned development complete with 315 apartments, and plans for a 14-floor office building and 120-room hotel, deemed Maitland West.

Maitland looks to curb cut-through traffic

Stopping traffic backups

The city of Maitland is making moves to protect one of its core city streets from increased cut-through traffic by proposing a simple request to the Florida Department of Transportation: Don’t do anything.

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Maitland works to nail down downtown standards

Setting firm standards

By reconfiguring development standards, the Maitland City Council is working to get what they think they need to have the bustling, walkable city center that’s long been a dream.

Maitland Boulevard expansion moves forward

Boulevard to widen

As work continues on Interstate 4’s “ultimate” makeover, plans to give Maitland Boulevard a facelift of its own are being finalized by the state.

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Budget balloons for Maitland boardwalk project

Boardwalk project passes

The boardwalk will connect residents living to the west of the railroad tracks to the station by cutting through the wooded area where Marion Way intersects with Robinhood Drive in the Greenwood Gardens neighborhood through to the SunRail station platform.

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Maitland makes chicken-keeping ordinance permanent

Ordinance made permanent

There will be no coup necessary by Maitland’s chicken-keeping population, after the City Council voted on Monday to let backyard coops stay roosted in the city on a permanent basis.

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Maitland weighs trading parkland for parking

Downtown plans shape up

Future visitors to Maitland’s in-the-works downtown city center may be parking on could-have-been parkland if current designs for the city’s proposed “Festival Street” go through as planned.

Help decide the future of Maitland Boulevard

Suggestions wanted

The Florida Department of Transportation is proposing improvements to Maitland Boulevard, and wants public input.

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FlexBus continues to stall in Maitland

Project on hold

The on-demand bus system scheduled to streamline how local residents utilize SunRail is stuck in bureaucratic gridlock traffic.