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After 14 years, Maitland to modernize recycling

Maitland renews focus

What started with just one more can is compounding its way into a whole new plan.

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Maitland billboard change gets mixed signals

Maitland considers it

The billboards could generate revenue, but may also be generating a conflict of interest for the city.

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Maitland awakens backyard chicken initiative

City may allow hens

Maitland joins Winter Park and Orlando with residents looking to legalize backyard chickens.

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Flexbus plans continue to falter in Maitland

Cities seek ideas

Plans for the intelligent transit system’s demonstration phase, which has been in the works for more than a decade, got a flat tire in mid-March.

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Goodbye to Maitland's Bev Reponen

New council arrives

Councilwoman will step down from the dais on Monday after six years of service.

Maitland City Talk

Projects move forward in Maitland.

Projects move forward in Maitland.

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LYNX strands Maitland bus system

Suddenly pulls out

Four cities are questioning the future of their bus and SunRail systems after a sudden departure by LYNX.

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Maitland election ethics examined

Experts weigh in

There’s a big gray area between what’s ethically and legally OK and what’s traditionally accepted, said political science professor Aubrey Jewett.

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Maitland may get digital billboards

Billboard debate

With a citywide ban on billboards in the books since 1938, Maitland is now considering adding “digital outdoor advertising signs."

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Goff-Marcil, Lowndes win in Maitland election

Charlan narrowly edged

Substantial win for Lowndes in his race for Maitland's City Council. For Goff-Marcil, the race was tighter.

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Nearly all Maitland charter amendments pass

27 of 29 amendments pass

Mayor Howard Schieferdecker said that he had heard multiple complaints from voters that the large ballot was confusingly written.

Maitland Council candidates make final pitches

Election day approaches

Campaign signs clutter street corners and City Council candidates pound the pavement as election day looms.

FlexBus falling into place in Maitland

City to open seven stations

Everything is forecasted to stay on track for Maitland to open seven FlexBus stations by the end of the year.

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Little contention at Maitland candidate forum

Say change is needed

Four candidates contending for two City Council seats acknowledged that change is needed in the city.

Battle continues over Maitland development

Maitland residents upset over the idea of development in Maitland Concourse North are taking their concerns to the top.