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Cops' hands tied on finding lost phones

Do apps work?

Tracking apps can trace your phone all around the world, but in come cases the mapped location isn't enough evidence to get it back if stolen.

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Maitland's covered bridge collapses

Bridge falls after crash

On Monday night, a trailer crashed into Maitland's covered bridge, and in minutes it came tumbling down.

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Florida changes yellow-light timing laws

Lights get longer

A recent ruling by the state mandates for longer minimum yellow-light times at intersections rigged with red-light cameras.

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Greater Maitland 5K helps give kids New Hope

5K helps local kids

The Greater Maitland 5K isn't any ordinary, everyday 5K. It’s one that helps the whole community.

Maitland billboard talks return

Banning them forever

The signs are a-changin’ in Maitland, as city boards start drafting the first overhaul of the city’s sign code in decades.

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Bridge-roosting bats swarm Maitland homes

Guano piles up

Maitland Public Works director Rick Lemke said by Florida state law, killing the bats is illegal.

Maitland votes down tax hike

Holds to 2007 numbers

The Maitland City Council backtracked property tax rates to the same they’ve been since 2007.

Maitland chickens step toward acceptance

Program to allow chickens in Maitland getting closer

A two-year pilot program to allow chickens to take up residence in Maitland backyards could take flight in the coming months.

Maitland cuts tax proposal

Property owners may still see a hike

Maitland property owners can still expect to pay an increase in taxes next year.

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FlexBus slow, but moving

Bus could be year late

An update on FlexBus boasted long-awaited good news for the recently faltering intelligent transit system, but it'll be slow in coming.

Sandspur ramp will stay open

Construction for Ultimate I-4 won't affect intersection

When the Ultimate Interstate-4 becomes a reality, the intersection at Sandspur and Maitland Boulevard will function just as it does today.

Sandspur study ready for vote

Maitland board to decide what's best for interchange

The results of the Florida Department of Transportation’s study of changes to the Sandspur Road/Maitland Boulevard interchange are in.

Pet poo fines in Maitland?

City troubleshoots pet waste problems

The city of Maitland is in talks to make its four-legged friends a No. 2 and No. 1 priority.

Maitland red-light runners will pay

Contesting a violation could now cost nearly double

Red-light runners in Maitland who contest their tickets and lose will now owe the city upward of $400 in total fees.

Maitland moves for property tax hike

Maitland mulls increase

Maitland's City Council is looking at hiking taxes for the first time since 2007 to ease the squeeze on city services.