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Maitland Chamber cancels its spring art festival

No Maitland spring festival

Art festival season will be one show shorter this year, after the Maitland Chamber of Commerce voted to cancel this year’s Maitland Spring Festival of the Arts at a meeting late last month.

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Maitland makes way for new development

Eyesore is demolished

As Maitland City Council members picked apart the details of a development deal that would fell the city’s last orange grove, the old, dilapidated Winn-Dixie property came down in pieces outside.

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Candidates match up for Maitland City Council election

Candidates qualify

In March, Maitland will elect one new City Council member, and his name will be Mike.

Maitland invoices Eatonville for $41k

Who pays?

Mayor Grant said Maitland shouldn’t expect a cent back in response to the invoice sent to Eatonville for services provided by the city of Maitland during the Riding Big Car Show.

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Maitland Art Center sets eyes on expansion

A&H looks to grow

Last week, Maitland’s Development Review Committee approved conceptual site plans presented by A&H for a proposed 10,000-square-foot expansion to the Maitland Art Center’s campus.

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Ideas flood in to adapt Maitland pond plans

New pond plans

Residents are expected to flood the Maitland City Council Chambers on Monday to hear how local developers plan to smooth over the waves created by their plans to take over three acres of wetlands and fill it in with a retention pond.

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Meet the candidates for local Winter Park, Maitland elections

Who's running for what

Two Winter Park City Commission seats and two Maitland City Council seats will be up for grabs in March, and candidates are already preparing to earn your vote.

Maitland gains extra block downtown

Main street to gain a block

Maitland’s main street will gain an extra block northward, after Maitland City Council members voted to extend Independence Lane on Monday.

Developers bank on Maitland extending downtown road

Banking on development

On Monday, JoAnne Snodgrass and her contracted developer, Scott Ryan, presented the Maitland City Council with a decades-in-the-making ultimatum.

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Maitland commuter bus flounders without funding

Commuter bus in trouble

Buses transporting commuters from the Maitland SunRail Station to Maitland Center could run out of gas next month if a funding source can’t be found to continue the service.

Dotted line signed to bring development to downtown Maitland

Downtown moves forward

Maitland’s city center is in the market for a major makeover, now one step closer to transforming from an old, run-down Winn-Dixie and half-vacant strip mall to a $67 million mixed-use development.

Maitland signs on to allow events more advertising

City allows more signs

Maitland event organizers hope you’ll soon see their newly erected signs throughout the city and that they’ll open up your eyes to all the upcoming goings-on at Lake Lily Park.

Maitland opens invocation to community presenters

Invocation now open

Maitland City Council members invoked a new invocation policy on Monday, opening the ceremonial duties of starting city meetings to religious and non-religious community members.

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Drilling mishap causes hole, closes Maitland Boulevard exit off I-4

Closes Maitland exit

The driver of a white sedan exiting eastbound Interstate 4 onto Maitland Boulevard on Monday found themselves stuck in more than just rush-hour traffic.

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Plans to fill in part of Maitland lake cause tension

Proposal causes tension

Plans to fill in up to 3 acres of wetlands along Lake Charity with dirt and re-dig it into a retention pond are causing tensions between Maitland residents, developers and the Florida Department of Transportation.