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Saturday SunRail service starts in November

Weekend service begins

SunRail will kick off its Saturday service on Nov. 5, just in time for an Orlando Magic game and several festivals downtown.

Maitland Boulevard bridge in the works

Flyover would smooth traffic flow

Maitland is looking into building a bridge to keep cut-through traffic off of Maitland Avenue and make Maitland Boulevard traffic flow more smoothly.

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Hurricane Matthew shuts down Central Florida

Cat 4 storm nears CFL

Central Floridians prepared for the worst as Hurricane Matthew tore through the Bahamas Thursday and turned toward a possible landfall along the Florida coastline early Friday morning.

Maitland lobbyist lobbies to keep his job

Lobbyist position under scrutiny

Maitland residents pay their state lobbyist a per capita rate higher – in some cases double – what other cities pay.

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Maitlanders push city to speed up sidewalks

Residents push for safety

Side-view mirrors have whizzed inches from Karen Simasek’s head. She’s watched as a car almost hit her nephew as he pedaled down her street.

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Maitland looks to add downtown parking

City buys property

Maitland recently voted to purchase a 35-year-old medical office building — a potential site for more downtown parking.

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Maitland Chamber marks 60 years in business

Maitland Chamber milestone

The Chamber is celebrating its 60 years of consecutive service this month, hosting its own birthday party at Sam Snead’s Tavern on Thursday, Sept. 22.

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City approves Maitland Estate apartments

Maitland project shapes downtown

Twelve years ago redeveloping Maitland’s downtown was still a dream. That vision came closer to reality last week with the approval of Maitland Estates.

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Second design for Independence Lane revealed

New design revealed

Maitland City Council are looking at a new design for the city's main street.

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Orange County woman uses text message to escape hostage situation

Hostage escapes from husband

It began with a single word via text massage: “help.”

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Maitland development revived after 12 years

Project presses on

A Maitland apartment complex project approved in 2004 is back with a new developer and a new name.

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Maitland teacher finds lesson inspiration on Broadway

Teaching with theater

One Maitland Middle School teacher is proud of her quirky curriculum that uses the performing arts to teach her students.

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Maitland cuts performing arts funding

Funding falls flat

Maitland won’t fund Performing Arts of Maitland for the first time in a decade.

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Four candidates running for Orange County District 5

Local election approaches

Four candidates have thrown their hat in the ring to claim the Orange County District 5 seat – and they want your vote.

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Maitland pushes the brakes on traffic study

Maitland may withhold funding

Maitland's last transportation study was done in 2004, but the city isn't sure if it wants to spend the funding for a new study just yet.