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Helpful tips for Medicare Open Enrollment

Know your enrollment period

Medicare Open Enrollment, which occurs annually from Oct. 15 through Dec. 7, marks an important time of year for individuals older than 65 to change their health plans.

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Art show in Winter Park puts focus on seniors

Showcasing older artists

Jane Kirkendoll is one of dozens of senior artists who were featured at the Mayflower Retirement Community’s second annual juried art show “Art for Generations” in Winter Park on Oct. 29.

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A passion for giving that lasted a lifetime

A lifetime of philanthropy

Elizabeth Brothers was one of the earliest voices of philanthropy in the Central Florida community.

Volunteers give back to help veterans

300,000 volunteers

The Department of Veterans Affairs expected 100,000 volunteers to step up during the 2015 Summer of Service, and what it got was 300,000 — triple the expected number.

Will giving blood slow you down?

he amount of red blood cells in your blood and the amount of blood your heart can pump are the limiting factors for oxygen delivery in a healthy person.

The plasma (fluid and proteins) is made up within 24 hours after donating blood, but it takes four to six weeks to regain the blood cells.

Senior Sneakers: How to beat America’s No. 1 killer

There are a number of things that you can do to help reduce the risk of heart disease!

Living a healthier lifestyle by eating healthier and increasing your physical activity is the primary area you have control over that can greatly reduce your risk for heart disease, and positively affect other areas of your life.

Flu shot vaccine is just the start

How to stay healthy this season

A flu shot might not be the only vaccine you need. So says the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and the Department of Health and Human Services.

Senior Calendar

Senior events abound

All sorts of events geared at seniors will take place throughout October.

As election creeps up, so do candidates

The Donald gets creepy

Normally, I wouldn't stoop to such untactful bluntness in my descriptions, but since he's declared bad taste to be acceptable, this is a chance to get rid of the polite facade and discuss him honestly.

Free tech training for all vets

Learn more after service

The Department of Veterans Affairs has launched two training programs as part of the Veterans Economic Communities Initiative — and they're both free and don't use up GI Bill benefits.

Most medications increase fall risk

How to keep risk low

Since almost all medications are associated with fall risk, reducing the overall number of medications should be a goal for all of us who prescribe medication for older people.

Ask a Trainer: Senior Sneakers

How to tackle knee pain

Our legs are easily one of the most important parts of our body, since they allow us to walk around as well as swim with the grandkids!

Mark your calendar for Medicare open enrollment

Mark this on your calendar: Oct. 15.

It's during this period that you'll need to take a hard look at how well your plan has served you so far this year.

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Central Florida seniors volunteer to teach kids healthy habits

Fostering the next generation

The Catch Healthy Habits program gets senior citizens to interact with K-5 kids and teach them ways to stay healthy and active.

Senior Calendar

Activities abound

September is jam-packed with events for seniors in Central Florida.