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Facing the future of facial recognition technology

Personal space a thing of the past

Face recognition is here, which means that cameras and sophisticated computers will recognize you even as you, uh, head down the street.

Tips for tackling persistent Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Carpal tunnel syndrome is caused by compression on the median nerve, as it runs down the arm through a "tunnel" of bone and connective tissue deep in the wrist.

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Local lady writes book of Paris travel tips

Local is fired up for France

Sandra Sheridan, a Winter Park native and Rollins graduate, is fired up, in this case, “Fired Up for France.” That’s the very fitting name of her new series of stories about her travels to Paris.

Ask a Trainer: No need to run

Long walks can be just as good

One of the first things I tell my clients who expect to hear that they need to start running or jogging in order to lose unwanted fat is that they definitely don’t have to.

Good news chocoholics: Milk chocolate is healthy too

Study shows milk chocolate helps your health

When a study comes out showing that chocolate is good for our health, chocolate lovers rejoice. Now a new study has more good news: Even milk chocolate qualifies.

Senior Calendar

Senior events abound

From Thai Chi to yoga techniques, there are classes covering all sorts of activities this month specially geared toward seniors.

How to keep your heart healthy

It is so important to do cardiovascular activity for a number of reasons.

When exercising, your heart will beat faster to pump blood though out your body to provide oxygen to the tissues.

Finding better health in 15 minutets flat

Good news for those who don't like to work out

Now this is one piece of research I can really get behind: Exercising less than the recommended 30 minutes a day still has benefits.

Senior Calendar

Senior events abound

Find out about the month's best senior events happening throughout Central Florida this month.

Tips for summer flea control

Flea infestations are incredibly annoying and tough to beat

A pre-emptive attack could make a big difference in this summer's flea wars.

Refresh your summer with a fresh fruit salad

Help refresh your diet

Eating fruit is not only delicious and refreshing; it's also good for you. Most fruits are naturally low in fat, sodium and calories. None have cholesterol.

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Learn to live like a 'Golden Girl' in Central Florida

Roommates for seniors

Bonnie Moore founded an online registry service – called the Golden Girls Network – for a growing cadre of seniors like herself with limited income and either a home to share or a need for affordable housing.

Honey-glazed salmon is fast, nutritious

Easy, healthy salmon recipe

Here's our favorite recipe, made with a sweet honey glaze that young sous chefs can stir up.

Stand Downs for homeless veterans

How you can help homeless vets

There still are too many veterans on the street. You can help by stepping forward and participating in a Stand Down.

Bad breath may not be bad at all

A bad taste doesn't always mean bad breath.

Millions of people who think they have bad breath do not, when examined objectively by professionals.