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Ask a Trainer: It's never too late

First thing’s first: it is never too late to get started!

Along with proper nutrition and stress management, exercise (specifically, strength training) is incredibly important when it comes to a well-rounded, healthy lifestyle.

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Locals gets moving to help raise money for Parkinson's

Fun day to raise funds

Like other degenerative conditions, Parkinson’s disease is a thief. It robs people of their ability to control their own movements, to enjoy once-pleasurable hobbies, and perhaps worst of all, it steals time.

Sleep medications linked to falls

There is unequivocal, abundant, incontrovertible evidence that antihistamines like doxylamine or diphenhydramine increase fall risk.

Falls are so often the first step in a progression from health to disability that I want to do all I can to prevent them.

Ask a Trainer: 'Keep walking, Fatty!'

Finding motivation to get fit

What I’ve found over the last 15 years of fitness involvement is that not everyone is motivated by the same things.

Mystery bruise appears, vanishes as if by magic

It likely was a broken blood vessel.

Once the blood is under the skin, it gets cleaned away by cells with enzymes that break down the blood.

Shining a light on sunchokes

Like many tubers, sunchokes look a little strange. But when it comes to food, looks often can be deceiving.

As a healthy addition to our diet, sunchokes are a low-glycemic food, and possess a significant amount of protein and very little starch.

Healthier pet treats made at home

There are recipe books available that will enable you to make food and treats for your dogs at home.

Prepping food and treats for your dog from a recipe book developed just for dogs can be very helpful for owners who aren't sure what dogs can and can't safely eat.

Tips for the upcoming tax season

As tax time draws ever closer, try taping a large manila envelope to the fridge, leaving the top open.

Immediately place all tax-related forms and receipts in the envelope as they come in.

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Nancy Lugo: How to tell if it's a cold or the flu

This winter, Central Florida has been hit hard by influenza, the real flu.

The flu seems to be everywhere. By the start of 2015, Florida’s influenza rate was one of the highest in the nation.

Exercise ideas for fun and family health

Whether it's hot or cold, or somewhere quite perfect in between, getting motivated to exercise is always the same. It's the matter of taking those first steps.

The bottom line is, wherever you live, getting out and getting moving is important all year round, even if you have to wear snowshoes instead of running shoes.

Ask a Trainer: Happy New Rear!

The first of January brings on the hope of a waning waistline, bigger biceps or a new rear.

I asked a couple of the personal trainers at Anytime Fitness in Winter Park for some guidance and direction on the common pitfalls of people’s resolutions and how to overcome them.

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Tiny taster brings big, healthy flavors to Baldwin Park

Blogger encourages healthy eating

The 5-foot-tall Annia Villa — the “tiny” in Tiny Taster — takes dishes that are simple and quick enough for every day and elevates them just a little while packing in big flavor.

Ask a Trainer: Change one habit

Pick one health goal, and stick to it.

The biggest reason that many resolution-ers lose steam so quickly is because most people, in their New Year’s excitement, pile way too many changes on their plates at once.

Shingles vaccine not for everyone

People on high-dose steroids or other medications that suppress the immune system should not get the vaccine.

Neither should people with leukemia, lymphoma or advanced HIV.

Dog’s trail runs frustrate owner

Work on her off-leash skills, first and foremost.

You’ll need to take her to an enclosed outdoor space, like your yard or a mostly empty dog park.