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Nancy Rudner: Tips to traveling in good health

Whatever your reason or destination, start planning your travel health four to six weeks prior to departure so you have time to get any needed immunizations and medications.

What you need for travel depends on your overall health, where you are going, and your style of travel.

How to have a family fun-filled Fourth of July

Creative ideas for a day of fun

Here are some creative ideas for all ages, starting with a fantastic "fireworks of art" activity.

Ask a Trainer: Mixing it up

Different routes to the same destination

When striving for any goal in mind, it’s important to realize that there are always many different routes to get to the destination that is your achievement.

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How sustainable is your Orange County neighborhood?

Take the Mayor's Challenge

Neighborhoods can compete using scorecards provided by the County to assess their communities in three categories — health, green practices and community involvement.

Ask a Trainer: How to eat an elephant

Can you imagine eating an entire elephant by yourself? How do you do it?

However, every Jan. 1 countless people set out to eat a proverbial elephant called a New Year’s Resolution.

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Student helps start urban farm on Rollins campus

Rollins gets gardening

The idea of a campus garden stemmed from a visit to Rollins by “An Inconvenient Truth” producer and environmental activist Laurie David.

Ask A Trainer: No time for breakfast?

Tips to squeezing in the most important meal of the day.

You may have heard that preparation is key, which is definitely true – especially when you have specific health and fitness goals.

Help kick chronic back pain to the curb

Help for spinal stenosis pain

Prolotherapy is the injection of an irritant solution into a space, designed to stimulate healing and reduce pain.

Tips to keep your guacamole green

How to keep leftovers from going brown

I have struggled with how to save the leftovers, because once it browns, it’s done. I learned a new trick, though.

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Fleet Farming program increases local food access

Your source for local greens

Greens harvested by the bike-riding Fleet Farmers are washed, bagged and then sold to shoppers each Monday at the weekly Audubon Park Community Market.

Nancy Rudner Lugo: Salt wounds the heart

The Salty Six foods surprisingly high in sodium — and bad for your heart.

Sodium can raise blood pressure, and raise your risks for stroke and heart failure.

Ask a Trainer: It's never too late

First thing’s first: it is never too late to get started!

Along with proper nutrition and stress management, exercise (specifically, strength training) is incredibly important when it comes to a well-rounded, healthy lifestyle.

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Locals gets moving to help raise money for Parkinson's

Fun day to raise funds

Like other degenerative conditions, Parkinson’s disease is a thief. It robs people of their ability to control their own movements, to enjoy once-pleasurable hobbies, and perhaps worst of all, it steals time.

Sleep medications linked to falls

There is unequivocal, abundant, incontrovertible evidence that antihistamines like doxylamine or diphenhydramine increase fall risk.

Falls are so often the first step in a progression from health to disability that I want to do all I can to prevent them.

Ask a Trainer: 'Keep walking, Fatty!'

Finding motivation to get fit

What I’ve found over the last 15 years of fitness involvement is that not everyone is motivated by the same things.