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Ask a Trainer: Healthy body with a health bank account

What does your idea of progress look like?

Now, one of the best things you can do in any goal-setting situation, including eating better, is to get a plan together, follow the plan, continue the plan, and remain consistent with the plan.

Common shaving myth debunked

No, your hair won't grow back thicker

It certainly might seem to come in more coarsely, since the cut hair under the surface of the skin is thick. But there is no effect on hair growth.

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Nancy Rudner: Who is who in your health care cast?

Who are all those people providing care to your loved ones? Several levels and types of professionals may be involved in the care.

It often “takes a village” to meet the needs of the patient and family. Ideally, everyone involved in a person’s care is part of an inter-professional team.

Ask a Trainer: Your ‘heart’ earned body

How to help give your body the love it deserves

What are some simple things that you can do to show your body how much you love it and that you want to stick around for a long time?

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Can heart surgery cause hot flashes?

There is no clear consensus

Indeed, the autonomic nervous system can be adversely affected by cardiac surgery.

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Nancy Rudner: Laugh hard, it’s good for you

Spoiler alert: Laughter is good for you! Yep, a good laugh promotes good health. No joke!

You take in more oxygen, get a boost in your heart rate, and release endorphins, those great feel-good hormones.

Ask a Trainer: Leap forward this year by ‘living exactly as planned’

It’s time once again to get those New Year’s resolutions in full swing.

Whether you finally kick some bad habits, build the life of your dreams, or you simply need to shed a few holiday pounds – you’ll likely need a plan.

How identifying underlying emotions and weight loss work together

It’s not what you’re eating, it’s what’s eating you

The reason why diets don’t work is because it’s not really about what you’re eating. It’s about what’s eating you.

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Which diet is the right diet for you?

What diet should you be on that will help you be healthier in the long term?

I think it's possible to take some wisdom from all the diets you mention, and to avoid some of their potential pitfalls.

Ask a Trainer: How to plan to fail

Are you a resolution person?

If you’re like many people, you’ve thought about your resolution and are committed to it! Right now, at least.

Prostate often blamed for bladder problems

What is really to blame?

Both men and women can have urinary urgency (the sensation of needing to go right away), and sometimes this can lead to accidents.

Ask a Trainer: Healthy holiday party hacks

The best thing to do is to prepare ahead of time.

What are some things that we can do to avoid that spiral and make January an opportunity to get ahead with some of our goals, instead of correcting our overindulgences during the holidays?

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Nancy Rudner: Tips to take control of your health care

You have to be your own healthcare advocate and speak up. Your life depends on it.

Keep in mind all the ways communication can break down in health care.

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Tricks and treats for dental health

Buy-back event gives kids cash for candy

Teach your kids healthy dental habits before the Halloween candy binge begins.

Ask a Trainer: Let’s get personal

If you’re doing a workout that’s better geared for someone else, you’re not going to get the results that you’re looking for.

If you’re eating for someone else’s goals and body type, you’re not going to get the results you want.