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Nancy Lugo: The fungus among us

The warm, moist air in Central Florida creates perfect breeding conditions for fungi.

What is a fungus? It is not a bacteria, not a virus. It is separate classification or family of living organisms.

Ask a Trainer: Bringing up the rear

What are the best exercises to build and shape the booty?

The booty, or gluteus muscle group, is the true powerhouse of the body.

Ask a Trainer: Fitness at your desk

What are some good exercises to improveposture and relieve the pain of sitting at a desk all day?

When sitting at the desk, our attention is always either forward or down. That elongates our back muscles and shortens our shoulders and chest muscles.

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Tracking tooth imprints can improve children's safety

Prints can provide clues

A few minutes and a little wishbone-shaped piece of wax could make all the difference for a parent looking for their missing child.

Blood pressure rises at doctor’s office

How to treate white coat syndrome?

Let’s first define whitecoat hypertension, also called reactive hypertension. It’s a condition where blood pressure in the doctor’s office is much higher than blood pressure at home.

Tips to keep your diet 'cool as a cucumber'

There isn’t a summer-fruiting food cooler than a cucumber.

When the weather wilts you, a cucumber is nature’s tasty refreshment.

Census snapshot of the lives of seniors

The information gives a clear picture of who we are and what we’re doing in areas of location, health and economics.

Where we are: As of 2010, more seniors were living in Florida, West Virginia, Maine and Pennsylvania (more than 15 percent of the population) than anywhere else.

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Local trainer helps Baldwin Parkers build better bodies

Trainer helps you get fit

Coming from a family of athletes, the gym was a familiar place to call home for Nikki Wilander. It was four years ago that she decided she wanted to call it her office too.

Ask a Trainer: Silver Sneakers

Everybody has to start somewhere, sometime.

The human body is capable of building muscle throughout your lifetime regardless of age.

Key signs indicate Legionella bacteria

What should I expect for my future?

Legionella is a bacteria that can cause pneumonia. It is classically found in fresh water, such as air-conditioning cooling towers and condensers.

Tomatoes: once bitten, forever loved

It’s that time of the year — the season of the tomato!

Red, green or gold ... sweet or tart ... but always plump and juicy, just-ripe tomatoes are what we dream of when the season is lean and the weather cold.

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Txokos Basque Kitchen: Garden fresh foods with Spanish flair

Meals with Spanish flair

When the James Beard Foundation nominates a chef for Best Chef of the South, and that chef goes on to open a restaurant on the border between Baldwin Park and Audubon Park, local foodies start salivating.

Fighting the fat of the land

Our body bigotry is so ingrained that we consider it completely acceptable to make fun of fat people and to consider those who are overweight to be lesser people.

Obesity is right up there with cigarette smoking when it comes to habits that can kill us, habits that are incredibly difficult to break.

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Eatonville celebrates opening of new health facility

Eatonville works on its fitness

Eatonville residents found new hope and realized a dream more than a year in the making Saturday as Healthy Central Florida, Florida Hospital and the Winter Park Health Foundation opened Healthy Eatonville Place.

Grilling our way to colon cancer?

Yes, charred meat is carcinogenic, at least according to the preponderance of the data.

There is some evidence that leaner cuts of red meat aren’t as dangerous, and also that marinating, especially in wine, reduces the production of the dangerous chemicals.