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Celebrate the health benefits of peanuts this month

March is National Peanut Month!

Despite the fact that peanuts are high in fat, they are still an excellent food choice because they provide a variety of important nutrients.

Want better quality of life? Don’t just sit there

Sitting increases likelihood of being disabled

A study out of Northwestern University’s Feinberg School of Medicine in Chicago found that if we’re over the age of 60, every hour in a day that we sit increases our risk of becoming disabled — by 46 percent.

This spring try a vocabulary cleanse

Be impeccable with your word

Here are some words and phrases that, once released, can bring joy, vitality and goodness in our life.

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Rollins student finds happiness hula hooping

Student starts hula hoop biz

When Morgan Kennedy was chosen to participate in a work hula hooping contest, she had no idea a toy would completely change her life.

Don’t toss food before it’s time

We throw away a lot of food — both at the retail level and at home — for a lot of reasons.

The Department of Agriculture has completed a major study on food loss, and it has come to some startling conclusions about how much food we throw away in one year.

How to combat dry winter skin

Dry skin becomes a problem for many people in the winter, when furnaces are pushing out hot, dry air.

It’s not so much a matter of oil returning to your skin as it is water. Your skin needs hydration.

Paw's Corner: Pets, pot don’t mix

Pet owners who see or suspect their dog or cat has ingested marijuana should contact their veterinarian for advice.

As the number of states that allow medical marijuana to be prescribed increases, it’s likely you will hear more stories about pets being affected by ingesting this drug.

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Genetic test looks into your future

Tests serve as crystal ball

At the Winter Park Health Assessment program at the Florida Hospital for Women Winter Park, clients can get their DNA tested for potential health issues to find them before they strike.

Nancy Lugo: Tips to help calm hypertension

Like a vampire, high blood pressure can be silent and destructive, yet manageable.

Think of what happens to a garden hose with prolonged high pressure. The hose gets stiff, cracks, and leaks. Or explodes, which is what can happen with a stroke.

Jim Govatos: The chemistry of "chemistry"

Researchers had shown that "falling in love" produced elevated levels of dopamine, the chemical that produces feelings of intense energy and exhilaration.

The bad news is that a dopamine-rush tops out at 18 months or so. That is why people "fall out" of love after a while.

Nancy Lugo: Two dozen tips to eat healthier

Eat well and enjoy it in 2014.

Check the healthy eating patterns you are doing now. Circle the ones you want to add to your life. Then hold on to this list and check your progress in six weeks.

The role of sugar in 'sugar diabetes'

Although “sugar” is half the name of sugar diabetes, sugar doesn’t cause diabetes.

Again, it’s not the sugar intake that produces this common type of diabetes. But monitoring the intake of sugar is important for control of this variety of diabetes.

The Kitchen Diva: Hearty soup keeps winter chill at bay

After your winter workout, you can warm up with a hearty bowl of Kale and Potato Chowder.

With potatoes replacing the cream traditionally used in chowder recipes, this is a fast, economical and healthy soup that will keep the chill away until spring.

Bob Franken: Legalized mind numbing

That’s the appeal of alcohol, marijuana and the other playtime substances — they numb us. But why do we want that?

A lot of commentators who are musing about the spectacle of Colorado’s decriminalization of recreational marijuana find it necessary to begin their reflection by fondly reminiscing about their own mellow times getting stoned.

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Time for your body to make a comeback

Cities help you get fit

A new year means new fitness goals and local cities’ parks and recreation departments are ready to give everyone the motivation they need to start them off right.