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Pancreatitis requires total abstinence

Watch the alcohol

Acute pancreatitis can be very severe, even life-threatening on occasion.

Can tea tree oil cure nail fungus?

Most people have some benefit that isn't permanent.

According to the Natural Medicines Comprehensive Database, 100 percent tea tree oil cream, applied twice daily for six months, is 18 percent effective.

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How to find, and identify, deadly spiders

Know the different kinds of spiders to watch out for.

Your biggest threat out in nature is probably not a big hairy bear. Spiders and snakes are more common.

Ask a Trainer: Make summer splash

Mix-up your summer workout!

Workouts can get stagnant, boring and less effective when you do the same exercises over and over. Switch up your workout!

Caffeine pills vs. coffee

What's the better option?

Some people drink coffee for the caffeine; some people drink decaf to avoid the caffeine; most people like both the taste and the caffeine effect.

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MMA fighter uses Kimbo Slice fight to launch Orlando gym

Welcome to The Jungle

It was 14 seconds that would change Petruzelli’s life, and motivate him to open The Jungle MMA and Fitness gym in Orlando.

Nancy Rudner: Ode to our infrastructure

Are you healthy? Then be thankful for the blue collar people who keep hidden dangers at bay.

I recently returned from a week providing health care in the rural mountains of Haiti. There, the people have many assets, but not the infrastructure we tend to take for granted.

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Take Steps Walk comes to Maitland

Raise money for Crohn’s & Colitis Foundation

The Crohn’s & Colitis Foundation of America’s Central & Northeastern Florida Chapter will be hosting its annual Orlando Take Steps Walk at 3:30 p.m. on Saturday, April 30, at Lake Lily Park in Maitland.

How to prevent that burning sensation

That burning sensation with the acid in the throat are common signs of acid reflux, also called heartburn or indigestion.

Since you know your heart is under your hand when you pledge allegiance, you know heartburn does not affect the heart but gets you over to the right, toward the middle, in the esophagus.

Ask a Trainer: Healthy body with a health bank account

What does your idea of progress look like?

Now, one of the best things you can do in any goal-setting situation, including eating better, is to get a plan together, follow the plan, continue the plan, and remain consistent with the plan.

Common shaving myth debunked

No, your hair won't grow back thicker

It certainly might seem to come in more coarsely, since the cut hair under the surface of the skin is thick. But there is no effect on hair growth.

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Nancy Rudner: Who is who in your health care cast?

Who are all those people providing care to your loved ones? Several levels and types of professionals may be involved in the care.

It often “takes a village” to meet the needs of the patient and family. Ideally, everyone involved in a person’s care is part of an inter-professional team.

Ask a Trainer: Your ‘heart’ earned body

How to help give your body the love it deserves

What are some simple things that you can do to show your body how much you love it and that you want to stick around for a long time?

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Can heart surgery cause hot flashes?

There is no clear consensus

Indeed, the autonomic nervous system can be adversely affected by cardiac surgery.

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Nancy Rudner: Laugh hard, it’s good for you

Spoiler alert: Laughter is good for you! Yep, a good laugh promotes good health. No joke!

You take in more oxygen, get a boost in your heart rate, and release endorphins, those great feel-good hormones.