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Nancy Lugo: How to tell if it's a cold or the flu

This winter, Central Florida has been hit hard by influenza, the real flu.

The flu seems to be everywhere. By the start of 2015, Florida’s influenza rate was one of the highest in the nation.

Exercise ideas for fun and family health

Whether it's hot or cold, or somewhere quite perfect in between, getting motivated to exercise is always the same. It's the matter of taking those first steps.

The bottom line is, wherever you live, getting out and getting moving is important all year round, even if you have to wear snowshoes instead of running shoes.

Ask a Trainer: Happy New Rear!

The first of January brings on the hope of a waning waistline, bigger biceps or a new rear.

I asked a couple of the personal trainers at Anytime Fitness in Winter Park for some guidance and direction on the common pitfalls of people’s resolutions and how to overcome them.

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Tiny taster brings big, healthy flavors to Baldwin Park

Blogger encourages healthy eating

The 5-foot-tall Annia Villa — the “tiny” in Tiny Taster — takes dishes that are simple and quick enough for every day and elevates them just a little while packing in big flavor.

Ask a Trainer: Change one habit

Pick one health goal, and stick to it.

The biggest reason that many resolution-ers lose steam so quickly is because most people, in their New Year’s excitement, pile way too many changes on their plates at once.

Shingles vaccine not for everyone

People on high-dose steroids or other medications that suppress the immune system should not get the vaccine.

Neither should people with leukemia, lymphoma or advanced HIV.

Dog’s trail runs frustrate owner

Work on her off-leash skills, first and foremost.

You’ll need to take her to an enclosed outdoor space, like your yard or a mostly empty dog park.

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Delivery service drops homecooked meals to Baldwin Park doorsteps

Fresh meals delivered

Dinner is served with the ring of a doorbell in Baldwin Park thanks to a new, recently launched meal delivery service that takes fresh produce straight from the farm to your kitchen table.

Ideas for fun lunchbox and snack surprises

My kids are getting older now, but I occasionally think up some surprise that can pick up their day.

These special attention-getters for different ages are sure to make lunchtime a highlight of the day.

Ask a Trainer: Pick up the weights to lose more weight

I often have to remind people how cardio, weight training and diet activities, in unison, will help them reach their weight loss goals quicker.

Weight training also helps prevent fatigue during cardio, allowing you to increase your lung capacity and strengthen your heart.

Healthy learning in and around Winter Park

From health care to exercise and diet, it seems there is something new to be learned every day in the world of health and fitness.

Fortunately, there are several opportunities for health education and training right here in our very own community.

Five ways to develop your intuition

Our intuition is an important guiding tool for us as women. Without it we are a bit handicapped, honestly.

Like my keys, wallet and phone, I don’t leave the house without it.

Diet can cut risk of prostate cancer

A diet of fresh fruits and vegetables helps reduce risk for and even helps treat prostate (and other) cancer.

This diet certainly reduces risk of heart disease as well.

Ask a Trainer: Eating for energy

The best things you can to keep your muscles and bones strong as you age are work out and eat well-balanced meals.

Working out for at least 30 minutes a day, three times a week is very beneficial to building muscle and maintaining bone density.

Why is traveling so tiresome?

Do physiological changes taking place in the body brought on by the long period of sitting while in transit account for the fatigue, or is it simply mental boredom?

Getting up and walking around is always a good idea physically, and might help mentally as well.