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Beating Cancer Shouldn't Force Patients into Bankruptcy

The killer bill

Liza Bernstein survived breast cancer three times. But it took all she had.

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R.U.N. toward a healthier lifestyle

Three healthy steps

A physical run will help you reach your fitness and healthy living goals, but so will a figurative R.U.N.

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More caregiving tips for caregivers

Take care of loved ones – and yourself

The many moving pieces of caregiving – physical, emotional, financial, legal, logistical, and more – can be overwhelming. Here are a few more tips and resources to help you on the caregiving journey.

Tips for a stress-free trip to the pharmacy

Three helpful tips

Have you ever stood in line at a pharmacy and marveled at the countless number of drugs sitting on shelves behind the counter? It seems like there’s a drug — sometimes more than one — for every health condition.

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Tips to avoid the flu are nothing to sneeze at

Symptoms and tips for prevention

While most should get vaccinated, those with generally weaker immune systems are especially at risk – usually small children and seniors.

Cracked fingertips? Try a home remedy

Remedies abound

I wrote a column on cracked fingertips, and received a wealth of suggestions from readers.

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Following your New Year's fitness goals

Be realistic

What can you do to ensure that you reach your goal? There are a few things!

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Fun with recycled ribbons and wrap

A post-holiday craft

There are plenty of things to do with holiday leftovers. And I'm not talking food. Think of all the colorful catalogs, wrinkled gift wrap, ribbons and bows stashed away in your recycling bin this week.

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Helpful tips for more attentive caregiving

Organization is key

The job of a caregiver takes much attention to detail. Here are some tips for both caregivers and friends of caregivers!

A classic quesadilla done the healthy way

A healthy 'little cheese thing'

Try one of these healthy quesadillas, accompanied by a dab of fat-free sour cream, if desired, for breakfast, lunch or dinner. You'll never miss the original recipe!

Rural and poor areas face projected decrease in local doctors

Some states have dire need

Some states are expected to see a shortage in doctors, due to new graduates seeking employment elsewhere.

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Cat chewing plastic: a sign of boredom?

Stop your cat from chewing

While some of the cats I've cared for over the years couldn't care less about gnawing on such things, others were fascinated with crinkly plastic, crumpled paper and similar interesting items.

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Nurse's legacy lives on in Baldwin Park event

Honoring a legacy

Tori Sheahan’s legacy and emphasis on a healthy lifestyle and mindset will be honored at the Walk ‘n Talk for Life event on Jan. 7 at Harbor Park in Baldwin Park.

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Is medication risk worth the benefit?

How to find a balance for better health

All medicines have risks, and in order to decide whether you should keep taking the medicine, you need to really understand what the risks are and balance them against the benefits you feel in your ability to move around more easily.

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Few children outgrow tree-nut allergies

Do they fade away with time?

Tree-nut allergies, like all allergies, vary in severity from mild to life-threatening.