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How to make guacamole the easy way

Try a potato masher

Here's an easy way to turn your avocados into guacamole.

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Family artifacts and a healthy lunchbox makeover

An ancestor's heirloom

Wondering about the "stuff" on the walls, shelves and in the cupboards of your childhood family home? Ask about it, and write about it. Now.

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How to get rid of a mildew smell on your towels

Vinegar and baking soda is the secret

Towels gone through the wringer a few times, and maybe don’t smell so good anymore? No worries.

Real Estate Bulletin

Firm negotiates lease in Maitland

NAI Realvest recently negotiated a new, long-term office lease of 13,105 rentable square feet at 2300 Maitland Center Parkway in Maitland Center for the corporate headquarters of Tijuana Flats.

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Help, the house I want is overpriced!

A home buyer's guide to pricing

Your home search can finally end now; the home of your dreams is for sale and within reach…if they would only lower their price.

Holiday corn recipes for your home

Fried corn and cornbread dressing

My mother's buttery cornbread dressing has been my "after-gluttony-day" breakfast for as long as I can remember.

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Navy veterans return to old training site in Baldwin Park

Veterans come together

Navy Veterans gathered in Blue Jacket Park in Baldwin Park last month for a moving reunion at the former site of their old training facility.

How women stay ahead of health problems

Helping women stay healthy

Here are helpful tips on how women can get ahead of heart disease, breast cancer and other conditions.

An attitude of gratitude is healthful year-round

Keep a gratitude journal

Study after study shows that gratitude is not only good for your health, but also encourages positive aging.

Senior Calendar

Festival of Trees

Tickets are now on sale for one of Central Florida's favorite holiday traditions: Festival of Trees, which runs Nov. 12 to 20 at the Orlando Museum of Art, located at 2416 N. Mills Ave.

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Local senior Mary Sneed goes back to school

Senior attends college

Mary Sneed is at an age when most people retire, but instead the 73-year-old student spends 30 hours a week sitting in a classroom learning the technique and terminology of medical transcribing at Orange Technical College.

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Reinforce your New Year's resolution

Stay fit with these hints

Our resolve to be a new us at the beginning of a new year is catchy and it makes sense to start new healthy habits at the beginning of a new year, but is it the most effective way to achieve what you want to achieve?

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Is counting calories 'old-school' dieting?

Stick with what works

If you expend more calories than you take in, you will lose weight. That is the energy balance equation, and there are no exceptions.

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Goldenrod Parade and Festival arrives!

Parade, pancakes, fun

Come out to the Goldenrod Festival and Parade on Saturday, Oct. 29, at the Goldenrod Station!

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Writer’s Atelier lends a creative workspace

A spot for the scribe

Could you write a whole novel in a month? That's exactly what writers at Writer’s Atelier are hoping to pull off in their Winter Park workspace.