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Dogs in Orlando don’t live the ‘ruff’ life

Where to pamper your pup

The dog days are here as the summer heat is in full force, but life doesn’t need to be ruff on our four-legged friends. Our furry friends who are lucky enough to call the Orlando area home are in good company.

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Nancy Rudner: Can’t sleep? Here's some tips

Blessed sleep, so important for health, restores the mind, body and spirit. And such sleep eludes some of us.

If you find yourself tossing and turning, figure out what is running through your mind.

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Winter Park yoga class raises money for charity

Sweating to raise money

In spite of the smothering summer sun in Central Park on Saturday morning, the brightly colored mats were rolled out on the lawn and muscles stretched as 14 yoga participants came together for a cause.

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Restaurant review: BRAVO! Cucina Italiana

A round of applause for an Italian restaurant with a delicious flair.

Needless to say, BRAVO! gets six thumbs up (there were three of us). Here was a restaurant that I had never tried and we loved the ambiance, the décor, the service and the food.

Ask a Trainer: Are you an 8 percenter?

Do you remember Dec. 31, 2015? What you were doing? Where you were going? What plans you had for 2016?

Only 8 percent of those who set a New Year’s resolution achieve that resolution, as reported by Use these tips to get back on track and achieve your New Year’s fitness goals.

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Local Realtor finds ways to give back to charity

Donating commission

Christian West Howard, a 23-year-old real-estate agent in the Central Florida area created “The Heart that Gives,” a philanthropy project in which he donates 50 percent of his commission to a charity of his client’s choice.

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Christina Rordam: Pro tips for selling your tenant-occupied home

Selling a property with tenants doesn’t have to be painful.

Read on for a few suggestions to keep your tenant-occupied sale moving smoothly.

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Hurricane preparedness tips for homeowners

How to prepare for a storm

Hurricane season is upon us! The Orlando Regional Realtor Association offers some tips and advice to protect your home from damage by wind and rain.

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Ways to make common household items more useful

Pamper your hairbrush

You can calm flyaways by washing and conditioning your hairbrush.

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Easy summertime dinners ideas

Quick and simple recipes to love

You're gonna love this easy French-style pizza packed with brie, caramelized onions and apple slices.

Vision loss may cause hallucinations

Vision treatments can halt hallucinations

Charles Bonnet syndrome, also called visual release hallucinations, occur in people who are losing or have lost vision.

Senior Calendar

Living Healthy Program

One Senior Place will be hosting a free Living Healthy six-week program every Friday through July and until Aug. 5 from 9 to 11:30 a.m. at its location at 715 Douglas Ave. in Altamonte Springs.

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How to transition to the next chapter in life

Transitioning in life

“Should I stay or should I go?” is an ongoing dilemma for those getting older. Each year, thousands of seniors debate whether they should transition to a senior living community or remain in their family home and age in place.

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Winter Park centenarian has traveled the globe

Midge Ruff still spritely

Waking up the morning of her 105th birthday, declared “Midge Ruff Day” in the city of Winter Park, she accomplished a goal she set five years earlier when she first entered the elite club of centenarians.

Ask a Trainer: 90-degrees on vacation

Ideas for vacation workouts

There are countless low-impact exercises that you can do to keep fit and not interrupt your routine during the summer. Plus, you can get your family members involved!