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Mastering Southern-style well-mannered hatefulness

Growing up in the South, I always marveled at how adept everyone was at well-mannered hatefulness.

It takes a little getting used to, but for the most part, you must accept that people mean the opposite of what they say.

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Ballroom dance lessons benefit seniors with dementia

Dancing through dementia

In 2013 a team of researchers released a study that shows staying active — with your brain and body — could be effective in staving off Alzheimer’s disease.

Ask a Trainer: Silver Sneakers

Everybody has to start somewhere, sometime.

The human body is capable of building muscle throughout your lifetime regardless of age.

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Winter Park plans to increase sustainability

Planning for the future

Winter Park city staff hopes a new sustainability action plan in the works will lead the city to a greener future, all while addressing Winter Park’s lack of recycling compared to other neighboring cities.

Erika Spence: Business in the Park

With the official start to the summer season behind us, it’s time to enjoy some of the season’s outdoor activities.

Take the family to a Winter Park Diamond Dawgs baseball game. Get up early for the Winter Park Farmers Market, which now offers locally grown, organic produce.

Key signs indicate Legionella bacteria

What should I expect for my future?

Legionella is a bacteria that can cause pneumonia. It is classically found in fresh water, such as air-conditioning cooling towers and condensers.

Tomatoes: once bitten, forever loved

It’s that time of the year — the season of the tomato!

Red, green or gold ... sweet or tart ... but always plump and juicy, just-ripe tomatoes are what we dream of when the season is lean and the weather cold.

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Mother-son duo take turns earning Rollins degrees

Mother, son graduate together

On Mother’s Day weekend Holly and her son Aaron took turns watching each other graduate.

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Txokos Basque Kitchen: Garden fresh foods with Spanish flair

Meals with Spanish flair

When the James Beard Foundation nominates a chef for Best Chef of the South, and that chef goes on to open a restaurant on the border between Baldwin Park and Audubon Park, local foodies start salivating.

Fighting the fat of the land

Our body bigotry is so ingrained that we consider it completely acceptable to make fun of fat people and to consider those who are overweight to be lesser people.

Obesity is right up there with cigarette smoking when it comes to habits that can kill us, habits that are incredibly difficult to break.

Relationships rule when it comes to real estate

Real estate is a relationship business. It’s about trust and service, and you don’t trust someone you don’t know, at least not as well as you would someone with whom you have had a relationship.

The perception still lingers in many people that as agents we are here solely to find homes and show up to open their doors.

Millenials still hold dreams of homeownership

The dream of homeownership is alive and well for the Millennial generation.

The numbers are in: Millennials – those age 33 and younger – take the top spot as the largest group of recent homebuyers in the U.S.

Men and women sometimes planets apart with home wish lists

Let’s face it: Real estate is, and always has been, a highly emotional experience.

While not always on the same planet with their wish lists, their likes were in the same solar system.

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Eagle scout hopeful launches project to help Orlando's homeless

Scout project gives back

For his Eagle Scout project, Baxter Murrell has made an ambitious choice to provide 400 supply-filled backpacks to the men and women served by the homeless ministry of St. George Orthodox Church in downtown Orlando.

Senior Calendar

Central Florida senior programs

Maitland, Winter Springs and Casselberry offer a plethora of programs for seniors in June.