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Summer recipes that can’t be beet

Enjoy the last few days of summer with these recipes

Sweet pickled beets are right at home at a summer barbecue, while a Spinach salad with bacon and egg makes a perfect brunch, lunch or dinner.

Perfecting your grilled cheese sandwich

Kitchen tips and more

For an extra little something, try sprinkling the grilled outsides with a tiny dash of sugar. Yum!

Higher pricing leads existing housing market

Real estate market prices higher than ever before

As we transition from the long summer days to the advent of the cooler fall season, consumer confidence in the Central Florida real estate market is higher than ever before.

Fall: Orlando’s other home-buying season

Realtors will work harder for you

This fall, Orlando home buyers need to be able to both make a decision and put in a solid offer in a timely fashion just like they did during peak buying season!

Real Estate Briefs

Phil Kean named ‘Builder of the Year’

Local architect Phil Kean was honored with the “Builder of the Year Award” from The Florida Association of the American Institute of Architects recently at their annual convention in Palm Beach.

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Christina Rordam: Sage advice to help sell your home

I embrace the newest forms of technology. But what about the other ways to promote good fortune and energy in your home?

Sage is the most common herb used to smudge a home, the purpose being to clear the home of any negative energy enabling more positive energy and opportunity to flow in.

CHALENG looks to break barriers for homeless vets

Group offers real help for homeless vets

It's not enough to say we have “X” number of homeless veterans on the street. Before there can be real solutions, we have to know why those veterans are out there, and specifically what they need.

The mysterious rise in meat allergies

Allergies could be temporary or long-lasting

Meat allergies are uncommon; however, there has been a recent surge of meat allergies due to tick bites.

Senior Sneakers: RNC and DNC health tips

Fitness requires planning and coordination

Both Trump and Clinton’s camps knew their conventions were coming and neither camp planned the week before, just as we can’t plan for our health goals the week, or even month, before.

Senior News Line: Eating healthy leads to staying active

Those with a healthy diet were less likely to develop physical impairments.

Sticking to a healthy diet now may help with mobility as we age. So says a new study that looked at preventing or delaying a physical decline later.

Senior Calendar

Keeping the Spirit of 45 Alive

Honor our local World War II veterans and members of the Greatest Generation at Keeping the Spirit of 45 Alive from 9:30 to 11 a.m. on Thursday, Aug. 11, at the Winter Park Civic Center, located at 1050 W. Morse Blvd. in Winter Park.

Medication hazards can be easily avoided

Don’t skip doses or stop taking medication without first consulting your provider.

The more you know, and the more you communicate with your doctors, the more you can ensure that your medication usage remains safe and effective.

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Realtor Jack Ballard did business with kindness

Realtor loved Winter Park

You might not have known Jack, but Winter Park was a better city because of him.

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100-year-old Winter Parker loved years in the Navy, boxing

Resident reaches 100

Winter Parker centenarian Elmer Brown has seen the world from a Navy repair ship, and says he never lost a boxing match.

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Support Our Scholars looks to change lives 'one degree at a time'

Nonprofit gives students a chance

A local nonprofit is helping students achieve their dreams of graduation - once degree at a time.