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Taste of the Nation event helps end childhood hunger

Take a bite out of hunger

Share Our Strength’s Taste of the Nation Orlando is celebrating its 25th year helping to combat childhood hunger this year. In its 25 years, it has raised more than $3 million,

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TV star designer brings his talents home to Winter Park

Design made personal

John McClain just can’t help himself when it comes to design. Even as a child he loved rearranging the furniture in his home.

Erika Spence: Business in the Park

The political season is upon us, as evident by a barrage of postcards piling up in mailboxes, yard signs lining the streets, and campaign workers waiving at major intersections.

The Winter Park Chamber of Commerce does not endorse candidates for office, but appreciates the support of the candidates who participated in the Winter Park Political Mingle.

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Tracking tooth imprints can improve children's safety

Prints can provide clues

A few minutes and a little wishbone-shaped piece of wax could make all the difference for a parent looking for their missing child.

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Winter Park Chamber votes in favor of half-penny sales tax

Chamber supports sales tax

The Winter Park Chamber of Commerce backed the Orange County half penny sales tax July 16 as its board of directors voted unanimously in support.

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Relocated Winter Park Wedding Chapel hopes for happily ever after

Chapel survives rocky move

A Winter Park couple hopes the historic designation of a local chapel will bring stability to their wedding business, seven months after it was relocated by a local land developer.

Blood pressure rises at doctor’s office

How to treate white coat syndrome?

Let’s first define whitecoat hypertension, also called reactive hypertension. It’s a condition where blood pressure in the doctor’s office is much higher than blood pressure at home.

Tips to keep your diet 'cool as a cucumber'

There isn’t a summer-fruiting food cooler than a cucumber.

When the weather wilts you, a cucumber is nature’s tasty refreshment.

Census snapshot of the lives of seniors

The information gives a clear picture of who we are and what we’re doing in areas of location, health and economics.

Where we are: As of 2010, more seniors were living in Florida, West Virginia, Maine and Pennsylvania (more than 15 percent of the population) than anywhere else.

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Local trainer helps Baldwin Parkers build better bodies

Trainer helps you get fit

Coming from a family of athletes, the gym was a familiar place to call home for Nikki Wilander. It was four years ago that she decided she wanted to call it her office too.

Passive outdoor pest control for sneaky critters

Wildlife often can be an annoying (and sometimes dangerous) presence in your yard

To prevent bears and raccoons, keep household trash in tightly covered containers, ideally inside the garage or a shed.

How to lose a loan in five easy steps

How to lose a home loan in five easy steps

Fortunately the formula for qualifying and staying qualified for a home loan is pretty simple.

Concert review: Prevailing Winds shows off skills

Members of the Orlando Philharmonic played a delightful program

On Monday, July 7, members of the Orlando Philharmonic played a delightful program at the Plaza Live Theater in Orlando featuring Prevailing Winds’ reed instrument players.

Old aquarium need a good cleaning?

Read up on how to maintain a large aquarium

If the glass isn’t damaged and the aquarium equipment — like the light or the aerator — is in good shape or can be replaced, then you should be able to reuse it.

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Bank helps customers find jobs in unlikely places

Jobs in unlikely places

In 2012 Fifth Third partnered with company NextJob, identified customers who had lost their jobs, and offered them NextJob’s employment seeking service.