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95 reasons to love Helen Tishman

Meet Helen Tishman, Energizer “Bubbe” and lifelong volunteer

How many 94-year-olds do you know who can email, Facebook, and Skype? Helen Tishman of Brookdale Retirement Community in Longwood can.

A tip for cleaning tricky high ceilings

No special equipment needed

You don't need to buy a special brush to get at high ceilings and skylights: Simply cover a broom with a pillowcase to clean cobwebs off the ceiling.

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Retirement community gym uses air-resistance to get fit safely

Seniors get fit safely

At first glance, the new space looks like a typical gym, with one key exception: all of the machines in this gym feature advanced pneumatic technology – using air resistance instead of weights.

Bargains to be had on new, used cars

Not only are gasoline prices falling, the prices for cars that use the gas are predicted to fall as well.

The availability of late-model used cars is predicted to rise by 8 percent, which means that consumers are out there shopping for new vehicles and leaving those used cars behind.

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Fact or fiction? The truth about 'fair trade'

The truth behind fair trade

The city of Winter Park takes its fair trade policy seriously, having resolved to become a fair trade town back in 2012.

Erika Spence: Business in the Park

We’ve turned our attention to the season of love and packed the calendar with special opportunities to share with your Valentine.

Whether it’s the Sweetheart Latte at Barnie’s CoffeeKitchen or the super cute Love Bug doughnuts at Krispy Kreme, everyone seems to have a special treat this season.

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Video: Color in Motion 5k at Oviedo Mall

Fun fitness

Thousands came out to the Oviedo Mall on Jan. 19 for the Color in Motion 5k.

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Restaurant review: Scratch

Small space, big taste

Scratch’s humble storefront in no way prepares you for the charm you experience from the moment you step inside. But really it’s all about the food, and the food is wonderful.

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Georgia Miller wins Ave Maria University scholarship

Local wins big check

When Georgia Miller walked into the room she thought everyone was there to congratulate her on winning a Christmas sweater contest. It was much better.

Mystery bruise appears, vanishes as if by magic

It likely was a broken blood vessel.

Once the blood is under the skin, it gets cleaned away by cells with enzymes that break down the blood.

Shining a light on sunchokes

Like many tubers, sunchokes look a little strange. But when it comes to food, looks often can be deceiving.

As a healthy addition to our diet, sunchokes are a low-glycemic food, and possess a significant amount of protein and very little starch.

Healthier pet treats made at home

There are recipe books available that will enable you to make food and treats for your dogs at home.

Prepping food and treats for your dog from a recipe book developed just for dogs can be very helpful for owners who aren't sure what dogs can and can't safely eat.

Tips for the upcoming tax season

As tax time draws ever closer, try taping a large manila envelope to the fridge, leaving the top open.

Immediately place all tax-related forms and receipts in the envelope as they come in.

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Drivers licenses provide keys to independence for foster kids

Driving training for foster kids

A new program helps teens and young adults in the foster care system ages 15 to 21 get their learner’s permit and then a license. It pays for driver’s education classes and car insurance through state funding.

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Nancy Lugo: How to tell if it's a cold or the flu

This winter, Central Florida has been hit hard by influenza, the real flu.

The flu seems to be everywhere. By the start of 2015, Florida’s influenza rate was one of the highest in the nation.