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Tips to keep jewelry from discoloring

Nail polish helps seal color

Clean it well and "paint" the side facing your skin with clear nail polish.

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Locals gets moving to help raise money for Parkinson's

Fun day to raise funds

Like other degenerative conditions, Parkinson’s disease is a thief. It robs people of their ability to control their own movements, to enjoy once-pleasurable hobbies, and perhaps worst of all, it steals time.

Rudy's love hatefulness

Giuliani is continuing his very calculated effort to stay relevant by appealing to the ugliest emotions of the Republican Party's base.

That's what Rudy Giuliani is: a demagogue whose hateful rants are amplified by media who thrive on hateful rants.

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The man behind Lake Baldwin Park’s trees

Carver brings park to life

Human faces and animal forms stare back at you from the forest, hand-carved into the tree trunks. It’s an art gallery set in the most organic form.

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Restaurant review: Hamilton's Kitchen

New chef expands offerings

In May 2014, The Alfond welcomed Marc Kusche as its new executive chef. Since then he's lowered prices and increased menu offerings.

Erika Spence: Business in the Park

The Hannibal Square Wine Tasting presented by SIX The Agency will celebrate the fine art of wine on Thursday, March 19, from 5 to 7:30 p.m.

The event will feature a street party atmosphere with 40-plus varieties of wine and beer samples.

Sleep medications linked to falls

There is unequivocal, abundant, incontrovertible evidence that antihistamines like doxylamine or diphenhydramine increase fall risk.

Falls are so often the first step in a progression from health to disability that I want to do all I can to prevent them.

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Bait bikes help nab thieves

Sneaky way to find stolen bikes

A tiny weapon being popularized at a nearby college may be a tricky way to help get stolen bikes back, or at least discourage thieves from taking them in the first place.

Ask a Trainer: 'Keep walking, Fatty!'

Finding motivation to get fit

What I’ve found over the last 15 years of fitness involvement is that not everyone is motivated by the same things.

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Valentine's Day date ideas for the whole month

Celebrate all month long

From body-bending yoga classes to diet-breaking burgers, there's ways to celebrate the love you share with each member of your family this month.

Speeding up your slow-draining sink

Before taking the drain-cleaner route, try a couple of other things first.

A slow-flowing bathroom sink drain's problem may be sitting right in front of you, at the bottom of the sink, with the stopper.

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Contractor horror stories and how to avoid them

Know your contractor

They have access to your home, in some cases when you aren’t there, and can be responsible for projects that may cost you several thousands if not tens of thousands of dollars.

Housing market predictions for 2015

As the New Year is welcomed in, so are positive predictions for the nation’s housing market.

With the economy continuing to show improvement and income levels seeing growth, housing experts and economists have high hopes for 2015.

A decade of delays from the VA

Construction of new VA facility hits a decade of delays

By January 2013, they were still haggling about trying to redesign the hospital to fit the actual budget.

Keeping bad fats at bay

Why saturated fats are unhealthy

Trans-saturated fat is not healthy. Food companies make it by adding hydrogen to vegetable oil at high temperature.