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Computer use keeps brain in high gear

We can improve our memory and store brain power for the future by surfing the Internet and checking email.

The conclusion was that good health, financial status and education — and digital literacy — resulted in better memory.

Senior Calendar

Line Dancing is coming back!

Line Dancing is coming back! Starting Tuesday, Sept. 9, at 10:30 a.m. join Em for a two-hour beginner Line Dancing class.

Tips to prepare for a pet emergency

Make note of emergency vet contact information.

Please tell your readers that they should write down the number and address of their pet’s regular veterinarian and the nearest emergency vet clinic on their list of important numbers.

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Altamonte veterans event hosts pioneer female general

Female vet headlines event

After 28 years in the service Wilma Vaught retired as a brigadier general, for many years was one of the most highly decorated military women — a trailblazer for women in the military.

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Art show showcases seniors

Art across generations

In celebration of Active Aging Week, The Mayflower will host an art show, displaying the talents of its residents and local seniors.

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Local producer helps celebrate 'Land Ho!' opening in Winter Park

Local helps produce 'Land Ho!'

When “Land Ho!” opened at the Regal Cinema Winter Park theater, viewers may not have realized they were watching the film with one of its producers.

Tips to help pay off your mortgage early

Paying off the mortgage years early can open other avenues in your finances, especially for retirement or sending a child to college.

It’s not easy to clear a large debt like a mortgage, but there are steps you can take to reach your goal.

Hillary Clinton tees off on the president

Comparing a vacationing president to Nero fiddling while the world burns is a bipartisan cheap shot, one of the few endeavors that are.

No matter how many times the White House validly points out that POTUS is having a “working vacation,” fully in touch using all his sophisticated, albeit portable, communication devices, he’s still teeing off while Iraq is teetering.

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Local teacher pioneers virtual classrooms

Trading blackboards for keyboards

Felicia Ryerson’s days lecturing at the blackboard are behind her. Today the teacher embraces and excels at providing education enabled from another kind of board – no chalk or erasers needed.

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Is the impact of caffeine dictated by your genes?

Students study caffeine effects

Ten high school students were taught how to isolate and test a piece of their DNA that research has shown is an indicator for how a person metabolizes caffeine during a summer program at Rollins College.

Erika Spence: Business in the Park

As students head back to class and the hectic schedule of car pools, activities and homework commences, local business professionals are filling the roster for Leadership Winter Park Class XXV.

Over the next nine months, 50 Leadership Winter Park class members (the largest class to date) will go behind-the-scenes and study critical issues and challenges facing Winter Park.

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The Finley Project offers support for grieving mothers

Mom creates charity after loss

The Finley Project, created by Maitland mom Noelle Moore, is aimed at helping moms heal after they’ve lost a child.

Concert review: Stellar end to concert series

Rimma & Friends by the Orlando Philharmonic Orchestra

The evening deserves to be remembered particularly for wonderful artist Rimma Bergeron-Langlois’ memorable commanding moments of stellar violin artistry.

Ask a Trainer: Fitness at your desk

What are some good exercises to improveposture and relieve the pain of sitting at a desk all day?

When sitting at the desk, our attention is always either forward or down. That elongates our back muscles and shortens our shoulders and chest muscles.

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Casselberry's RunYak - the little race that could

The local adventure race

Part running, part paddling, all fun, the race with a goofy name has a small, but loyal following of outdoor enthusiasts and weekend adventurers.