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Give grandparents the gift of hearing this holiday season

Helping seniors hear clearer

Don’t let hearing loss keep the seniors in your life from enjoying time with loved ones, help them stay connected this holiday season.

The end is near for savings bonds

Even obtaining one these days takes more work

When you live long enough, you often see old things come around again as new.But sometimes the good stuff goes away and doesn't come back. Like paper savings bonds.

Leaky window sash is a simple fix

If there is no visible damage, you should be able to quickly block the leak using weather stripping.

Because you need a fix in a hurry, consider either felt stripping or foam tape.

The pros and cons of atrial fibrillation medications

Medication for atrial fibrillation vary

Studies comparing warfarin and dabigatran have shown similar rates of effectiveness and a slightly lower risk of brain hemorrhage with dabigatran.

Answering machines at homeless hotline

Too many homeless veterans aren't getting the services they need when they call the hotline.

The VA Office of the Inspector General found a lot of holes in the system during a general audit of the call center.

Peacock memorial fountain earns is wings in Winter Park

Memorial lands in Central Park

A yearlong journey of healing and hard work came to end on Dec. 18 as Life Scout John Michael Thomas and the family of Elizabeth Buckley unveiled a shimmering memorial in Winter Park’s Central Park.

No state of the union?

With all the discord and anger, we don't need a speech or even a letter to know the State of the Union. It stinks.

There have been so many times when we've been looking at issues in the wrong way. This is one of them.

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Best of lifestyles 2014

Featuring our best features

A boy scout inspired the community to honor his fallen friend, the story behind the man waving to you on Lakemont Avenue, and the tale of the last call of a fabled Winter Park watering hole - 2014 was filled with good stories.

Erika Spence: Business in the Park

At the end of the year we often reflect on the last 365 days and what we accomplished.

Each of us has 86,400 seconds to spend every day and at the end of the day they are gone. It’s our job to spend them wisely.

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Tech-savvy college teaches local high schoolers

Open eyes to 3D printing

Blame it on “The Big Bang Theory” or Orlando’s proximity to the space coast, but interest in science and technology fields is on the rise in Central Florida.

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Tiny taster brings big, healthy flavors to Baldwin Park

Blogger encourages healthy eating

The 5-foot-tall Annia Villa — the “tiny” in Tiny Taster — takes dishes that are simple and quick enough for every day and elevates them just a little while packing in big flavor.

Ask a Trainer: Change one habit

Pick one health goal, and stick to it.

The biggest reason that many resolution-ers lose steam so quickly is because most people, in their New Year’s excitement, pile way too many changes on their plates at once.

How to salvage a neglected fire pit

Before you leave for home, clean the fire pit out completely

Pressure-treated wood emits toxic gasses when burned. If it has a greenish tint, it may be pressure treated. If you're not sure, don’t burn it!

Celebrate sweet season with homemade candy

Candy is a decadent pleasure throughout the year, but at Christmas-time it is a beloved staple, a classic confection.

During the holiday season, candy has become a special and festive part of the celebration of Christmas.

2015 Central Florida real estate forecast

Central Florida real estate has continued its recovery in 2014, and 2015 is projected to have similarly positive results.

We are still in what is considered overall to be a sellers’ market, however 2014 saw an upswing in the amount of available inventory.