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Morse Museum celebrates 20 years on Park Avenue

Museum celebrates 20 years

Opened 73 years ago by a husband and wife with a vision that became an artistic legacy spanning two families, the Morse has grown into a living tribute to the past.

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App brings doctors on demand to Baldwin Park doorsteps

Housecalls get you healthy

In this day in age, doctors making house calls are familiar only from the movies, but McBride said they're becoming more and more common.

Nancy Rudner: Tips to traveling in good health

Whatever your reason or destination, start planning your travel health four to six weeks prior to departure so you have time to get any needed immunizations and medications.

What you need for travel depends on your overall health, where you are going, and your style of travel.

How to have a family fun-filled Fourth of July

Creative ideas for a day of fun

Here are some creative ideas for all ages, starting with a fantastic "fireworks of art" activity.

Ask a Trainer: Mixing it up

Different routes to the same destination

When striving for any goal in mind, it’s important to realize that there are always many different routes to get to the destination that is your achievement.

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Notes: UCF singers to perform with Rolling Stones

The University of Central Florida Chamber Singers will spend the night together with the Rolling Stones next month – well, for one song, anyway.

Concessions in real estate transactions

Is everything negotiable even up until the closing date? Well the answer is no… and yes.

It all depends on the transaction and the parties involved.

Cultivating a pet-friendly garden

What plants are safe for pets?

There are plenty of plants, fruits and vegetables that you can grow indoors and out, without worrying that your pet will get into them.

Tips for boomerang buyers

What to do after foreclosure

Nationwide, nearly 9.3 million homeowners underwent a foreclosure, deed-in-lieu of foreclosure, or a short sale, according to research by the National Association of Realtors.

Summer grilling tips

Here's a grill tip just in time for summer

How to cook two things at once on the grill.

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County celebrates three generations of firefighters

Three generations volunteer

When a new firefighter graduates, it is tradition that a family member has the honor of pinning on that first badge. When Matthew was pinned, it was an historic moment for the family and the county.

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Local startup Movers Atlas makes moving easier

Local startup grows

Thanks to some local entrepreneurs, finding the best place to move just got a lot easier.

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Orange County students find fun at the theater

Students take the theater

Thanks to a donation by Walt Disney World Resort to United Arts of Central Florida, all 13,000 of Orange County’s eighth graders got to attend a special performance at the Dr. Phillips Center.

How to keep your heart healthy

It is so important to do cardiovascular activity for a number of reasons.

When exercising, your heart will beat faster to pump blood though out your body to provide oxygen to the tissues.

Finding better health in 15 minutets flat

Good news for those who don't like to work out

Now this is one piece of research I can really get behind: Exercising less than the recommended 30 minutes a day still has benefits.