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More seniors learn to say hi-tech hellos

Seniors learn to Skype

Dealing with confusing pop ups, emailing, opening photo attachments of their newly arrived grandchildren, even turning a computer on can be a challenge for seniors who didn’t grow up with this type of technology at their fingertips.

Help kids turn dull clay into fancy flowerpots

Flower pots are more than just containers for fragrant herbs, summer’s begonias or fall’s chrysanthemums.

Grab a plain clay pot the next time you and your kids are at a nursery or garden center, hold it up and think of it as an artist’s canvas, waiting for your creative expression.

What constitutes a 'failed' presidency?

A majority of those responding to a recnt poll, 52 percent of them, described Barack Obama’s presidency as a “failure.”

Maybe the larger question is whether, in our poisonous atmosphere of U.S. politics, any president can be a success.

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WUCF radio station celebrates 35 years on air

Station celebrates milestone

Central Florida's only stictly jazz station, which began in the days when UCF was FTU — and was also once named WFTU — celebrated 35 years on Sept. 12.

Seven financial moves to make before year-end

The last quarter of the year is a good time to make financial changes before yearend.

Are you on track to be able to pay all cash for holiday spending? If not, October and November will give you a chance to set additional money aside

Erika Spence: Business in the Park

The calendar announced the official start of the fall season this week, so it’s fitting that fall events are starting to fill the calendar.

First up is the 41st annual Winter Park Autumn Art Festival. The sidewalk art show is the only juried fine art festival to showcase Florida artists exclusively.

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Blow dry bar trend heats up in Winter Park

New hair trend hits

Women step into Cherry Blow Dry Bar wearing messy top-knots and thrown up pony tails. They leave with tresses fit for the red carpet.

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Cirque de Soleil’s Varekai wows at the Amway Center

Cirque's new show dazzles

Varekai may have a similar format, and it may have comparable acts running in the same order as in La Nouba, but they are different acts – and they are thrilling.

Why is traveling so tiresome?

Do physiological changes taking place in the body brought on by the long period of sitting while in transit account for the fatigue, or is it simply mental boredom?

Getting up and walking around is always a good idea physically, and might help mentally as well.

Grapes: the all-conquering fruit of the vine

No other fruit, no matter how glamorous its reputation, is grown and produced as much as the grape.

If you were to make a checklist of all the wonderful qualities one fruit could possess — sweet, tart, tasty raw or cooked, fresh or dried, with delicious juice, various flavors, edible leaves and nutritious oil — the grape and its vine would check every box.

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Rollins alumnus fights back against illness

Rollins rower battles illness

Rollins rower Rob Spolsino had set records and wowed competitors, but his biggest challenge was against his own body.

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Float center opens in Baldwin Park

'Floating' trend comes to Baldwin

It’s warm, pitch black and unintelligibly silent. You’re wet, but you don’t feel the water. You reach out your limbs at all angles, but there’s no way to tell which direction is up.

Nancy Lugo: The fungus among us

The warm, moist air in Central Florida creates perfect breeding conditions for fungi.

What is a fungus? It is not a bacteria, not a virus. It is separate classification or family of living organisms.

Restaurant review: Café 906

Formerly in Winter Park, locally owned cafe reopens in Baldwin Park.

Step into Café 906 in its new home, comfortably situated among the other restaurants in Baldwin Park’s “restaurant row,” and you step into France.

Ask a Trainer: Bringing up the rear

What are the best exercises to build and shape the booty?

The booty, or gluteus muscle group, is the true powerhouse of the body.