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Volunteer 'grandmas' garner respect in local schools

Take charge in classrooms

The foster grandparents work to prepare 3- to 4-year-olds for kindergarten, mentor children in afterschool programs, support children in shelters or medical facilities or provide guidance in elementary school classrooms.

Ask a Trainer: Staying fit in the cold

Just because you don’t have access to equipment doesn’t mean you will have to forego a great workout.

If you feel the need for an extra challenge (or just want to keep your family guessing), pick up some canned vegetables, a frozen turkey, a heavy purse, your grandbaby, or anything else you can find to use as free weights.

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Park Avenue Fashion Week’s big finale awaits

Runway show this weekend

When the spotlights hit the runway on Saturday, Winter Park will become the most fashionable city on the planet for one night.

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Restaurant review: RA Sushi

RA Sushi does it all right – décor, food, service and welcoming atmosphere.

Most important is the taste, quality and originality of everything from signature bar drinks to appetizers that had me doing my “happy food dance,” to generous-portion sushi rolls that bring the idea of fusion to a whole new level.

Erika Spence: Business in the Park

Fashion Week grand finale

The fall event season is in full swing in Winter Park. Park Avenue Fashion Week 2014 has been all the rage this week with a mixology contest at Park Social, designer trunk shows and VIP parties.

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Stroller Derby gets rolling to help kids in need

Raise money for charity

It has been said that it takes a village to raise a child, and CBC is reaching out to that village by hosting its inaugural Stroller Derby 5K at Harbor Park in Baldwin Park.

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Scouts prepare site for Winter Park peacock fountain

Prep begins for peacock fountain

Winter Park Life Scout John Michael Thomas could have the fountain paying tribute to a fallen friend fully funded within the next couple weeks. And the site for the fountain is already being prepared.

Healthy learning in and around Winter Park

From health care to exercise and diet, it seems there is something new to be learned every day in the world of health and fitness.

Fortunately, there are several opportunities for health education and training right here in our very own community.

Five ways to develop your intuition

Our intuition is an important guiding tool for us as women. Without it we are a bit handicapped, honestly.

Like my keys, wallet and phone, I don’t leave the house without it.

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Biplane tours take off in Orlando

Biplanes offer old-school sky tour

For passengers strapped into Florida Biplanes’ open-top thrill-ride into the past, this runway becomes their personal highway to the danger zone.

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Winter Park woodworker brings back ancient art

Winter Parker practices ancient art form

In a small garage studio behind an historic Winter Park bungalow, a centuries old practice is being revived with every pass of an antique planing tool.

Reasons to weather-strip your home

Learning where a problem is developing allows you to better address the issue. For drafty doors and windows, weather stripping is an affordable solution in most cases.

Along with weather stripping, you can take some practical and cost-effective measures against drafts.

Christina Rordam: Practice safe selling

While these occurrences are rare, Beverly’s death is a reminder to all selling, buying or practicing real estate to be on your guard and stay safe at all costs.

No sale is worth your life. Below are a few tips to stay safe when completing your next real estate transaction.

Homebuying tips for purchasing in a seller’s market

In a seller’s market — like the one that Orlando has been in for the last few years — there can be even more pressure on the buyer to submit an impressive bid.

So how can you make sure that the offer you submit is the one that is accepted?

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Social media helps Orange County pet adoptions hit all-time high

Social media increases pet adoptions

With record-high adoptions since June, Orange County Animal Services is seeing huge payoff from its use of social media in advertising adoptable pets.