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Winter Park cements residential protest ban

Ordinance now permanent

Anti-abortion protest leads to an emergency anti-protest ordinance that the city voted to make permanent on Monday.

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Group looks to legalize backyard chickens in Winter Park

Push to house hens

Members of the Winter Park Backyard Chicken Initiative want chickens to be removed from the prohibited farm animals list in Winter Park city code.

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Winter Park, Maitland set tax rates Monday

Budgets finalized on Monday

Winter Park and Maitland will set tax rates and final budgets for 2013 on Monday.

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Winter Park copes with tree deaths

City looks at trimming

Dying trees and how to pay for them dominated a meeting on Sept. 10 at Winter Park City Hall.

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Maitland approves 51-year A&H lease

City allows lease to renew

The Maitland City Council votes to extend A&H’s 51-year evergreen lease with the city of Maitland when its initial one-year trial period ends on Sept. 30.

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Winter Park bans protestors near homes

Says safety trumps speech

The ordinance, which would ban anyone from protesting within 50 feet of a residential home in the city, comes after anti-abortion protestors picketed the home of a notable resident .

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Winter Park Electric Utility increases buying power

City expands electric options

On Aug. 30 Winter Park joined the Florida Municipal Power Agency, which helps spread electricity costs over multiple cities by buying in bulk.

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Maitland City Hall celebrates grand opening

Grand opening for city hall

New Maitland City Hall sets precedent for redevelopment.

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Maitland works to amend Art Center lease terms

Council proposes changes

The expiration of the one-year trial period of Art & History Museums – Maitland’s lease with the city of Maitland is a month away.

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Winter Park tries to justify $140K pool heater

Debate over pool heating price

Winter Park commissioners are hot and cold about seeing a popular outdoor pool get a heater by next year.

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Winter Park to unveil modernized City Hall

Gets modern makeover

The last time Winter Park built a city hall, America’s sense of style verged on psychadelia, computers were a rarely seen office oddity and cigarettes were as popular as the Beatles.

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Winter Park looks to partner to silence trains

The cost of silence

With quiet zone money in the “if” column for Winter Park, Mayor Ken Bradley had another idea: partner with Maitland and Orlando.

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John Mica defeats Sandy Adams

Blowout in primary win

Longtime U.S. Rep. John Mica handily defeated newcomer U.S. Rep. Sandy Adams in an election won by a margin of 61 percent to 39 percent.

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Winter Park Commission talks tree penalties

Penalties could drop

Homeowners and builders wishing to remove trees on their property may be looking at a bigger incentive to replant new trees.

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Senior housing hits snag with Maitland City Council

Questions over taxes

City officials are working to determine if the 93-unit affordable senior housing project, dubbed Uptown Maitland, will pay property taxes.