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Four candidates running for Orange County District 5

Local election approaches

Four candidates have thrown their hat in the ring to claim the Orange County District 5 seat – and they want your vote.

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Maitland takes steps toward ousting city manager

Maitland contemplates change

Maitland's city manager's days at the helm may be numbered.

Probe into alleged Sunshine law violations in Maitland goes dark

No Sunshine violations found

No charges will be filed against three Maitland City Council members, or the city’s attorney, after an Orange-Osceola State Attorney's Office investigation into alleged Sunshine Law violations.

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Boil water notice due to Winter Park water main break

Water main breaks

Residents getting water from Winter Park's water utility will need to boil tap water for the next 48 hours.

Winter Park looks to ease code for large developments

Could make larger projects easier

A proposed change to Winter Park’s land development code could make final approval easier for larger developments along Park Avenue and construction within wetland areas.

Election looms in Orange County

Turn out for what?

Orange County residents have a chance to make their vote count next week as the Nov. 4 general election approaches. Among other things, voters will also be faced with a list of questions regarding citizen participation and future Commission races.

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Winter Park Mayor Ken Bradley to not seek re-election

Ends term on own terms

Winter Park will have a new mayor by next March. Mayor Ken Bradley announced that he would not be running for a third term Tuesday due to multiple personal reasons.

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Maitland mayor backtracks on charter violation confession

Says he didn't violate charter

Two weeks after Maitland Mayor Howard Schieferdecker admitted to violating the City Charter by directing city staffers without proper approval, he was singing a different tune on Monday.

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Winter Park patches legal loophole in its loitering ordinance

City votes to change law

Winter Park City Commissioners attempted to right a legal wrong last Monday as they voted on first reading to strike language from the city’s loitering ordinance deemed unconstitutional by the U.S. Court of Appeals in March.

Maitland mayor's misbehavior stirs debate

Residents call for resignation

Maitland Mayor Howard Schieferdecker’s misuse of power as designated by the City Charter is churning up calls for his resignation, and rumors of decades-long wrongful delegation of power among the city’s leadership.

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Winter Park Commission votes down comp plan changes

Commission changes course

A flurry of yellow “no density” signs filled the City Commission chambers Monday afternoon as more than 140 Winter Park residents made their voices heard against increased development.

Policy check puts Maitland mayor in place

Did mayor overstep bounds?

A workshop about budgeting last week bowled into an hour of bickering between members of the Maitland City Council about balance of power in the city’s government.

Maitland votes to raise taxes, Winter Park keeps rate steady

Maitland proposes tax hike

Maitland City Council members were dreaming big Monday night as they placed a preliminary vote to raise the city’s property tax rate just over one mil to 4.9 mills.

Maitland mayor admits that the city made traffic mistakes

City admits mistakes

Maitland Mayor Howard Schieferdecker admits that the city made some mistakes when it came to overhauling the intersection of Horatio Avenue and U.S. Highway 17-92 earlier this year.

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Winter Park approves larger planned developments

Second vote passes

An ordinance passed by Winter Park City Commissioners on Monday could be the first step in opening the floodgates for larger development in the city, a month after the Commission originally voted the change down.