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Tom Carey: Summer herbs for Florida gardens

The ultimate taste of summer is the green goodness of basil.

Just about any plant exposed to the pounding rain of a thunderstorm will take a beating, but even more so for tender basil.

Tom Carey: Future of local farming

Your future food source might be a throwback.

Regional crop choices are encouraged by climate, soil, culture, and micro-economies.

Down-in-the-dirt, high-efficiency gardening

Don't grow $1 strawberries. Manage your small-scale garden efficiently.

Our backyard gardens, scaled to be efficiently managed by the size and shape of our bodies, should rarely mimic the iconic farm.

Keeping critters out with technology

Take advantage of work-saving devices to keep your garden critter free.

As I toil at this tome on Labor Day, the work-saving devices of my garden come to mind.

Tom Carey: Ditching uncooperative plants

Balancing productivity, profitability and creativity in your garden.

The gardener in me is always experimenting, exploring, examining.

Tom Carey: Nematodes are everywhere

Know the nematode, so you can win the war against them.

As life forms go, nematodes are found in every possible habitat on Earth (they even survived the Shuttle Columbia disaster).

Tom Carey: Know when to till it under

Learning to garden in this year round growing climate.

The extreme weather potential that we risk on a daily basis during our Florida summers must be taken into account.

Tom Carey

Thomas Jefferson: America’s gardener.

An inspirational leader’s involvement with righteous endeavors deserves the honor and respect history bequeaths them.

Tom Carey: Grow boxes and raised beds

Don't drown your plants in afternoon storms!

Summer in Florida means an incessant risk of extreme amounts of rain from any single thunderstorm.

Tom Carey: GMO? No!

Educate yourself on genetically modified organisms.

GMO crops are grown from seeds that have genetic (DNA) materials taken from completely different species.

Tom Carey: Growing everything

Should we grow everything, simply because we can?

Once we’ve mastered the mechanics of growing crops well enough to expect success, should we grow anything and everything?

Harvest the bounty

Harvest your cool weather crops before they go bad.

As summer descends upon us, many crops reach the end of their productive growing season.

Tom Carey: Squiggly garden helpers

Here's how to use worms to help make your garden beautiful.

Red wiggler earthworms create more of what we recognize as black topsoil than most other natural systems.

Tom Carey: Pests of spring

Here's how to keep the bugs out of your spring gardens.

The bugs are back from their winter hiatus and have their sights sets on our gardens.

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Tom Carey: A mere sip of water

The Biblical axiom “for whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap” holds sway for most things in our lives.

As spring days get longer and warmer just as rainfall tapers off to a trivial memory, our garden’s potential for productivity soars to unexpected heights.