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More caregiving tips for caregivers

Take care of loved ones – and yourself

The many moving pieces of caregiving – physical, emotional, financial, legal, logistical, and more – can be overwhelming. Here are a few more tips and resources to help you on the caregiving journey.

Busting the myths behind HIV/AIDS

HIV only spread through body fluids

Since those early days of the HIV/AIDS epidemic in the 1980s we have made tremendous progress.

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How to stave off skin cancer

Sunscreen is key

With summer heating up, it’s important to remember that overexposure to the sun can have harmful side effects, such as increasing your risk of developing skin cancer.

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Nancy Rudner: Can’t sleep? Here's some tips

Blessed sleep, so important for health, restores the mind, body and spirit. And such sleep eludes some of us.

If you find yourself tossing and turning, figure out what is running through your mind.

Nancy Rudner: Ode to our infrastructure

Are you healthy? Then be thankful for the blue collar people who keep hidden dangers at bay.

I recently returned from a week providing health care in the rural mountains of Haiti. There, the people have many assets, but not the infrastructure we tend to take for granted.

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Nancy Rudner: Who is who in your health care cast?

Who are all those people providing care to your loved ones? Several levels and types of professionals may be involved in the care.

It often “takes a village” to meet the needs of the patient and family. Ideally, everyone involved in a person’s care is part of an inter-professional team.

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Nancy Rudner: Laugh hard, it’s good for you

Spoiler alert: Laughter is good for you! Yep, a good laugh promotes good health. No joke!

You take in more oxygen, get a boost in your heart rate, and release endorphins, those great feel-good hormones.

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Nancy Rudner: Tips to quit smoking

Are you getting ready to break up with the cruel, addictive master tobacco?

If you are a smoker or chewer, you probably have thought of quitting before. It happens in stages.

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Healthy holiday gift guide

Why not give gifts to inspire health in the people you care about?

Here is a guide to match the health-related gift to the right person.

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Nancy Rudner: Tips to take control of your health care

You have to be your own healthcare advocate and speak up. Your life depends on it.

Keep in mind all the ways communication can break down in health care.

Nancy Rudner: Are you on the path to diabetes?

Pre-diabetes is a diagnosis that basically means you are on the path to having diabetes unless you make changes.

Typically, pre-diabetes is identified when the level of sugar in your blood is high, but not quite at diabetes levels.

Nancy Rudner: How climate change impacts your health

How can a slight increase in temperature kill people?

The fragile life balance is thrown off by changing the environment, by altering the delicate balance of air, water and heat. Let’s look at how the warming earth impacts our health.

Nancy Rudner: What makes a good doctor?

How do you pick a physician, nurse practitioner, home health agency, or hospital to care for you or a loved one?

Word of mouth is a popular method, but that really tells you more about the practitioner’s personality than the quality of care.

Nancy Lugo: How parks aid your health

The green spaces in our parks nurture the mind, connecting us with nature and all that is bigger than us.

Parks give us a place to celebrate sunrises, sunsets, birthdays, and even corporate parties.

Nancy Rudner Lugo: Salt wounds the heart

The Salty Six foods surprisingly high in sodium — and bad for your heart.

Sodium can raise blood pressure, and raise your risks for stroke and heart failure.