Louis Roney Columns


Louis Roney: On the street where we live

My b.w. and I have done 35 years of livin’ to make our house a “home.”

There is a special comforting feeling when two people are separated far apart in their own house and realize that a voice call will generate an answer from afar.

Louis Roney: Big words

I’ve got to admit it: Big words impress me.

I can’t help associating the easy use of big words with minds that are king-size, superior.

Louis Roney: Beginning

A day is an empty package for each of us to fill as he or she sees fit.

We learn much from the days of our lives, and can visualize ourselves as living calendars.

Louis Roney: Age

If you have decided — along with me — to grow old, arm yourself with humor.

I think of my own life as a nice, comfortable car that I have driven for a long time.

Louis Roney: A rakish halo

To me any halo is a better hat than most I have yet worn.

To be an acceptable rake requires both historical knowledge and a measure of courage, for one must have the guts to step completely out of line from most of his compatriots.

Louis Roney: Bach vs. bananas

The subject of music has inspired many diverse and fascinating quotes from many diverse and fascinating people.

Napoleon said, “Music, of all the liberal arts, has the greatest influence over the passions, and it is that art to which the legislator ought to bestow greatest encouragement.”

Louis Roney: Twain

Fairness was not an “unattainable ideal” to Mark Twain.

To Twain, fairness was the inevitable conclusion of simple down-to-earth logic. Fairness works, i.e. it best satisfies all concerned.

Louis Roney: Mix and match

All the people who run this country, both Democrats and Republicans, say we are broke!

We can’t afford to help our own veterans, seniors, orphans, children, etc. But over the last several years politicians have directed cash aid in billions and billions of dollars abroad.

Louis Roney: My 'wacko' wife

I have confessed my unworthiness to b.w. a thousand times — but to no avail.

Years can go by in which a deeply troubled psyche stubbornly manifests itself in the gaudy guise of felicity.

Louis Roney: America the beautiful

Whatever concept of God you have, if you have been around the world a bit, you’ll recognize that America is a blessed piece of real estate.

Once our forebears had started governing themselves in Virginia, Massachusetts, etc., people in the countries they had left began to compare their lives with ours, and theirs were often found wanting.

Louis Roney: Sizing up our lives

I believe that the United States is a morally good nation that wishes to have no enemies at all.

This is much like a very good-natured friendly dog who wishes to have no fleas, but attracts them whenever he walks out the door.

Louis Roney: Pace, Mio Dio

Taking sides on issues, and acting on convictions, is as American as bagels, turnip greens, chili, and pizza.

Nowadays most of us confront things, which we want neither to espouse nor to oppose. “How do you feel about...?”

Louis Roney: Summing up Obama

Every voice speaking on radio or TV about President Obama these days says that his administration is the nadir of all within memory.

He is an easy man to like, but a hard man to admire for the job he has done to date.

Louis Roney: Just thoughts

The long-term effects of football’s head injuries become ever more evident.

Football is a game I played, and is a game I love, but I remember receiving a blow to my head in a night game once, that knocked me out for several minutes.

Louis Roney: Lost and found

I’ve always remembered the English as our enemies in the Revolution — and I never forgot 1812 either.

Having English blood may help me appreciate English literature, but likely has acquainted me also with England’s peculiarities.