Louis Roney Columns


Louis Roney: Talking business to an opera singer

We all find ways of “advertising” ourselves, our children, our careers, our skills.

Learning when to say “no” may help your career more than always saying “yes” — and then sometimes not being able to live up to expectations.

Louis Roney: The Alexander solution

The little war that is all too often being waged between our ears mercifully comes to a pause at times, in what we welcome as “moments of tranquility.”

A great deal of the human race seems from afar to be as busy as a swarm of bees in what is strangely a longing for escape from the “madding throng.”

Louis Roney: Thanks a lot

Seated with friends at a bounteous Thanksgiving table, we hold hands with those on either side of us and join in the blessing being said.

At 94, I am indebted to my genes and to temperate living for a strong physical constitution.

Louis Roney: Onward and upward

We human beings are quick to find things that will make the present more pleasant and postpone our confrontation with reality.

Refreshing ourselves is a prime human pastime, even though it implies a return to things past.

Louis Roney: Griping and other pastimes

“Griping” is an old American custom, much used and much respected.

Griping perhaps carries with it the right to see a condition critically, and even the tacit promise to improve it.

Louis Roney: Hearing a change in our musical climate

Any music lover living in our area should now perforce applaud things taking place on our musical scene.

Any attentive musician would have to be deaf not to have discerned a change in our local musical climate and activities.

Louis Roney: Lise, Hillary, and even Cicero

The Bach Festival’s Visiting Artist Series opened the concert season with panache! Young and lovely, Ms. de la Salle played a prodigious program.

Pianist Lise de la Salle performed on Thursday, Oct. 22, in Rollins Colleges’ Tiedtke Hall and demonstrated all the necessary strength, poetry, delicate touch, and musical finesse to bring her piano program to life.

Louis Roney: Educational encounter - A true story

In the mid-’30s I was a teenager on a bicycle on the streets of Winter Park, and saw many things that intrigued me and were etched in my memory.

My parents were active in the social life of Winter Park and I knew a lot of the main players in our local social drama.

Louis Roney: Listen!

Someone long ago told me a tale about a man who had built his own small corporation, and who wanted to hire a bright young assistant who would eventually take over the business.

After hearing this “tale of woe,” applicant after applicant expressed condolences over what had happened to the man they hoped would be their future “boss.”

Louis Roney: The Pope and other folks

The Pope brought us welcome release from the world’s overwhelming problems with his calm message of family and understanding.

The tumultuous visit of Pope Francis made us all wonder at the attention that one person can generate if he carries a powerful enough message.

Louis Roney: Who can we count on?

The ever-changing quality of life is both refreshing, and vexing.

Every human animal likes to feel sure of himself. At the same time, his inner nature rebels when ennui takes over, and things verge on boredom.

Louis Roney: 'The Donald' and debate two

Donald Trump is a new kind of political animal: He’s “no holds barred.”

Those of us who frequent New York and have been “Trump-wise” for years are not surprised to see him now in his new garb as “politician.”

Louis Roney: Just thoughts

Most of the time, most people seem to know the answers to most of the questions they ask most other people.

Politicians know well the value of setting up their ideas by asking themselves loaded questions and then answering them publicly!

Louis Roney: Staying young

Always remember: Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away.

Never leave your brain idle. “An idle mind is the devil's workshop." And the devil's name is Alzheimer's.

Louis Roney: On the street where we live

My b.w. and I have done 35 years of livin’ to make our house a “home.”

There is a special comforting feeling when two people are separated far apart in their own house and realize that a voice call will generate an answer from afar.