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Louis Roney: How macho do I dig thee?

I hear that macho is “in,” and that wimps have used up their wistful moment in the sun.

I never gave any thought to what a “wimp” is, until a girl who dotes on “macho” men told me that she views wimps with scorn.

Louis Roney: Singers and other aberrations

Singers are strange birds — that we know. They are show-offs!

Great singers know from the beginning a good deal about their vocal art. That inherent knowledge is part and parcel of their God-given talents.

Louis Roney: The mystery of history

Asking one simple question sometimes leads to realizations that otherwise evade us.

How many of us wish that things “remain just they are now?”— damned few, I would guess

Louis Roney: Political animals

I simply hold that personal “arguments” about politics are cantankerous, and a futile waste of energy.

Voting booths are the confessionals of private preference.

Louis Roney: Mountain high

At sea level the human imagination, like the human body, is earthbound by invisible gravity.

On a mountain top the pull on the imagination is upward, aiming ever higher, liberating.

‘Pictures at an Exhibition’ a perfect end to Classical Series

Tthe “piece de resistance”

On Saturday, March 26, at 8 p.m. in the Bob Carr Performing Arts Center the Orlando Philharmonic Orchestra played its final Classical Series concert of the season.

Louis Roney: Then I said…

On Feb. 29 b.w. and I celebrated our 36th wedding anniversary.

It doesn’t seem that long, but that’s how it is when you’re having fun.

Orlando Philharmonic focuses on Mozart

The program could also be called “Mozart, Boy Genius”

On the program was a lady named Diane Bishop, who plays the bassoon — and plays it masterfully.

A whale of a gala by Opera Orlando

The Opera’s first gala was on March 19

A strong opera company is a mainstay of the cultural life in many a city, and by its very presence can lend muscle to all other cultural affairs.

Louis Roney: As I was saying…

Put two people together and soon you’ll have a conversation.

Put three people together and maybe you’ll have a discussion — even an argument!

Louis Roney: Just asking

Debates are built on two opposing sides of the same question.

You pick the side that represents your point of view and use it to reinforce your strongly held prejudices. How often do arguments change opinions? Hardly ever!

Louis Roney: A conversation with Carolyn

Carolyn decided that this was where she wanted to be. Her nomadic life ended.

Carolyn took the leap and became a Winter Park commissioner. As such, she tells us that our city is in the throes of enormous growth pressure.

Louis Roney: Concertos by candlelight

Beethoven’s monumental Triple Concerto brought to the stage the always welcome Kalichstein-Laredo- Robinson Trio who have delighted Central Florida audiences for many years.

On Friday, Feb. 19, if you weren’t at Knowles Memorial Chapel on the Rollins College campus to enjoy the Bach Festival’s Concertos by Candlelight, you were in the wrong place.

Louis Roney: The anti 'anti'

Human beings are born dissatisfied – constitutionally dissatisfied with the status quo.

The tiny grasping hand of a new baby reaching through the bars of his crib is already asking for something that is beyond his limited reach.

The strange lure of rhythm by the Orlando Philharmonic

The highlight of the evening was George Gershwin’s “Concerto in F”

Boston Symphony Orchestra Associate Conductor Marcelo Lehninger, was guest conductor for the evening activities – and a fine conductor he is!