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Louis Roney: Bemusing musings

Who is the worst president in your lifetime — in your opinion? Personally, I can think of no one worse than our present leader.

Expect President Obama to bring as many people as he can on to the U.S. citizenship rolls and expect their healthcare to be covered by you and me.

Louis Roney: Right on!

Women, sharing their lives intimately with men, are quick to identify a weak-kneed man in the White House such as we have today.

The subject of “mothers who stay home and mothers who work” is often discussed on TV these days.

Louis Roney: Speaking of speakers

When John Silber spoke, the other speakers were soon eclipsed, even forgotten.

John Silber was president of Boston University when I met him in New Smyrna at an Atlantic Center for the Arts symposium.

Review: Gabriel Preisser glows in triumph

This commentator was happy to see the large number of enthusiastic younger people in the highly appreciative crowd.

Louis Roney: How's tricks?

Life is a long series of occasional indispositions, the last of which being one from which we do not manage to recover.

Do some in this country feel that our great nation is sinking into a mire of lower standards of self-satisfaction, and is on a journey to a point of no return?

Louis Roney: Who are you?

True individuality is nearly impossible to distinguish these days.

True individuality is almost impossible to establish these days.

Review: Orlando Philharmonic

A heroic opening

The Orlando Philharmonic Orchestra opened at the Bob Carr Saturday, Sept. 28.

Louis Roney: Dilettantism

Don't expect too much from human interaction.

I was jolted into the world of dilettantism and reminded that human intercourse may all too often be just that and nothing more.

Louis Roney: Friends & Acquaintances

Political differences shouldn't affect your friendships.

They are dear and worthy people, despite their differences, and may take it as an insult that I don’t think politically as they do.

Louis Roney: Play On!

Revenge: Is getting even - even after all?

A football coach of mine used to tell us to block or tackle a guy as hard as we could, and then help him back to his feet.

Versatile baritone scores in Winter Park concert

Gabriel Preisser brought the house down.

Florida Opera Theater’s Opera In The Park Series showcased baritone Gabriel Preisser at the Winter Park Community Center.

Louis Roney: Learning to learn

What have you done in your life that's worth telling?

Do all the successes in your life add up to one big success?

Louis Roney: A smatter of chatter

Yogi Berra's gift for language and music at the Bob Carr.

In the Yankee dugout, someone would ask catcher Yogi Berra, "What time is it?" Yogi would answer, "You mean now?"

Louis Roney: A hurricane, Hodding and other friends

A ride with a Nobel Prize winner, long lost friends, and the hurricane that hit Harvard.

After Christmas, shortly before my 17th birthday, I received notice that I had won a scholarship through Harvard.

Louis Roney: Growing up & other fallacies

Children — everybody wants ’em, until they get ’em.

Having children is an iffy business, a road with lots of curves and bumps.