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Louis Roney: Rustic rivals

Don't try to out-country an honest to goodness hick.

It’s perilous to be modest when you’re trying to “out-country” an honest-to-God hick.

Louis Roney: As long as you're up

Laziness seems to be a sign of the times.

It has often occurred to me that the world would have been much better off had some infamous people just been lazy.

Louis Roney: Whadda ya know?

The belligerent tone of international intercourse these days is upsetting.

When North Korea opens its mouth it seems to have its hand on a trigger, and one wonders what it is that the generous U.S. has done to invite warfare with North Korea.

Louis Roney: Something for Nothing

The unemployment program makes not working an appealing option.

Don’t work, don’t think, just exist – the government will take care of you – just vote the right way ...

Louis Roney: Thinking out loud

Today is a gift, that's why it's called the present.

The past is history. Tomorrow is a mystery. Today is a gift — maybe that’s why we call it the present.

Louis Roney: The freedom of independence

Patriotism has taken a disturbing shift recently.

The word “good” is inseparably linked to the preservation of the race and the morality that we higher animals cherish and preserve.

Louis Roney: After all of the ‘ifs’

Dealing with the 'thens' now that the 'ifs' have happened.

The column moved in the direction of predicting some dire things we might expect if we re-elected Barack Obama.

Louis Roney: The big lie

Politicians need to take more money out of your paycheck to buy the votes of those to whom they give it.

Thomas Sowell lights up when thoughts of magnitude fill his head.

Louis Roney: Snapshots

Celebrating our British independence this July 4th.

I was thinking recently of the 4th of July, that day which celebrates cutting our ties with the British Crown.

Louis Roney: Sweet as you are

Stay strange as you are, don’t let a soul ever change you. Stay deranged as you are, don’t let anyone rearrange you.

Aren’t the differences between us the things that attract us to each other?

Louis Roney: Calling it quits

Quitting is a permanent solution to a temporary problem.

The trouble with many of us in trying times is that we quit trying.

Louis Roney: Using the old bean

Lets halt dining permits until we figure out what we really want on Park Avenue.

Perhaps the City Commission could impose a 90-day freeze on all new dining permits for Park Avenue.

Louis Roney: Write to me, sing to me

Learning to write what you're thinking, and do it without fear.

There are lots of things that we human beings do that we can’t write about either effectively or without embarrassment.

Louis Roney: Pledging and hedging

A promise should never be given lightly.

When I was 19 or 20, I often looked at Robert Frost as he talked with colleagues a couple of tables away in the Eliot House dining room at Harvard. I wondered what promises he had made, and whether he had managed to keep them.

Louis Roney: How come we do us like we do, do, do?

Why do we live the way we do?

The average person’s day is probably made up of many habitual ingredients, starting with that first cup of coffee.