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Louis Roney: Humor or wisdom?

Being funny, and being smart, seem to be innate fixtures in some people.

Funny is funny and wise is wise, no matter whose mind or mouth is the source.

Louis Roney: Ignorance

A beautiful woman reminded me the other day that everyone is ignorant about something or other.

A marriage can be, in many ways, a swaps of desirables. When the swap is no longer mutually pleasing, then lawyers may get into the act and do their shockingly expensive thing. Long marriages are advisable, and economical as well.

Louis Roney: Things learned

In my singing career of many years in many opera houses I have learned many things – especially in German opera houses – but I’m not sure exactly what!

Early in my opera career I was engaged to sing Rodolfo in Puccini’s “La Boheme” in the Berlin State Opera.

Louis Roney: The truth will ouch

Winter Park, the town where I grew up, is graced by the presence of many beautiful lakes. And, I can tell you from experience that they are full of fish.

Life was for us young people in great part, aquatic, and we usually carried our bathing suits to school for use afterwards.

Louis Roney: Stories from war

I had a hand-held machine gun and a bag full of hand grenades on my belt.

We knew that our guys were soon coming in behind us en masse to take the island from the Japs and that we would have to leave Guadalcanal ourselves for the mainland.

Louis Roney: Ty One On

Cobb was the first man ever inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame.

Ty was, as I was, a native Georgian, he being from Royston, and the state of Georgia was proud of the man and his baseball prowess.

Louis Roney: Dissertation on marriage

Believe it or not, I know absolutely everything there is to know about marriage!

A few years back, this commentator dared to enrich his readers with his uncommon knowledge of the marital state.

Louis Roney: Language please

A very famous shrink whom I knew in New York wrote a book saying that artists do things that are normal for artists, but would be deemed lunatic in less gifted people.

The fact is, people who have to sing stratospheric high notes are apt to sacrifice some of the routine normalities that less complicated people are free to enjoy.

Louis Roney: How macho do I dig thee?

I hear that macho is “in,” and that wimps have used up their wistful moment in the sun.

I never gave any thought to what a “wimp” is, until a girl who dotes on “macho” men told me that she views wimps with scorn.

Louis Roney: Singers and other aberrations

Singers are strange birds — that we know. They are show-offs!

Great singers know from the beginning a good deal about their vocal art. That inherent knowledge is part and parcel of their God-given talents.

Louis Roney: The mystery of history

Asking one simple question sometimes leads to realizations that otherwise evade us.

How many of us wish that things “remain just they are now?”— damned few, I would guess

Louis Roney: Political animals

I simply hold that personal “arguments” about politics are cantankerous, and a futile waste of energy.

Voting booths are the confessionals of private preference.

Louis Roney: Mountain high

At sea level the human imagination, like the human body, is earthbound by invisible gravity.

On a mountain top the pull on the imagination is upward, aiming ever higher, liberating.

‘Pictures at an Exhibition’ a perfect end to Classical Series

Tthe “piece de resistance”

On Saturday, March 26, at 8 p.m. in the Bob Carr Performing Arts Center the Orlando Philharmonic Orchestra played its final Classical Series concert of the season.

Louis Roney: Then I said…

On Feb. 29 b.w. and I celebrated our 36th wedding anniversary.

It doesn’t seem that long, but that’s how it is when you’re having fun.