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Louis Roney Columns


Louis Roney: Nightmare

I dreamed that my b.w. had suddenly metamorphosed into an “aggressive political woman.”

In this viciously critical world, the flinty eyes of Hillary, Nancy, and Elizabeth may see this “man in the family” as a stupid male sexist, a chauvinist pig.

Louis Roney: How things work out

What little fame I have had has always seemed to be a gift from some “heaven” up there somewhere smiling down at me for no good reason.

One summer a Florida pal and I were walking down Hollywood Boulevard in sunny California, a long hitchhike from home. I sat down in the lobby of the Hollywood Hotel and looked for movie stars.

Louis Roney: Other wars

Life’s battle begins at the time we take our first breath, and we are fighting constantly to stay alive until we draw our last.

One who has lived a great many years may tell you that life is for life’s sake, and has no point unless we find it, or create a philosophy for ourselves.

Louis Roney: Siblings, Ennui, et al

In many ways, ones friends are more cordial than ones relatives.

People usually try hard to keep on good terms with their mothers and fathers, but maintaining a liking between brothers and sisters is patently a much more difficult task.

Louis Roney: Givers and takers

I have come to the conclusion that the human race is divided between givers and takers.

Generous giving may be more blessed than receiving, but often seems far rarer, and should be taught to children before the age when they catch on to reality.

Louis Roney: A girl on her toes

Heide was a ravishingly beautiful girl who was most satisfied when she first put on ballet shoes and learned to dance on her toes.

Very surely, there is “a will to die” as well as “a will to live.”

Louis Roney: ‘Mana from heaven’ on 57th Street

We were practicing sinking German submarines, while sun-worshippers crowded Miami Beach as though World War II was a soap opera.

Her hands could barely span an octave, but those hands — before she was twelve — had played the Beethoven “Emperor” Piano Concerto in Carnegie Hall.

Louis Roney: On the slopes

I don’t know what it is about doing dangerous things that attracts so many otherwise “sane” people.

We drive our cars very carefully all the way to the ski slopes and then put ourselves in a most perilous situation, one that could lead to the end of it all for us.

Louis Roney: Who owns what, anyhow?

We are all caught up in an evolutionary line of settling and using land.

It has often occurred to me that our pasts do not deserve the attention we pay them.

Louis Roney: It ain’t what you do

You might say it was not when you did it or how you did it, but who heard you do it at that infelicitous moment.

Wish yourself good luck and I’ll join you in your hope that you do not flop in your big moment.

Louis Roney: Bravos past but never forgotten

In a long life such as mine, I have been in many places I never though I would go, and have met people in many walks of life I never thought I would meet.

And now I relish living in our Winter Park home with my b.w., and enjoying our many charming dear friends and neighbors. Life has never been better!

Louis Roney: Conversation: Pros' prose

The art of conversation is not just talk, but talk that conveys an exchange of ideas worthy of listeners who know a thing or two.

The most famous “talker” in our language may have been London’s Samuel Johnson, whose “gab” in the 18th century drew flocks of people who wanted only to engage conversation with him.

Louis Roney: Sticks in the mud

When a dog loves a person, I believe that person more than likely can be trusted.

Do you think that guys who call their women-folk, “my pet” are especially good to their chosen gals?

Louis Roney: The savviest guy

I looked out the window, and saw an elderly white-maned man licking a vanilla ice cream cone as he sauntered slowly down the sidewalk. It was Albert Einstein.

Einstein was a guy who cogitated about the universe and all that is in it. While he held an ice cream cone in his hand, in his mind he was holding the infinite!

Louis Roney: Two true tales

In sports, coaches try their best to attract incoming players who can win games and make the coach look good.

Well, some kids in sports are like pigs trying to learn how to sing. Nothing good is going to come of it, no matter how much the most fervent coach may try.