Louis Roney Columns


Louis Roney: A hollow piece of wood

Wood can’t say words, or be an actor. It can’t laugh or sob, or express human thought or emotion.

I don’t see how my baritone friend Frederick Walden can keep track of all the dames who have shared his furniture and his checkbooks.

Louis Roney: Simplicity?

Finding new and more economical ways of saying things is admirable, it seems to me.

If my colleague says, “At this point in time I’m planning to rob a bank,” couldn’t he accomplish the same end by saying, “Now I’m planning to rob a bank”?

Louis Roney: Love

"What does love mean?"

"Love is what makes you smile when you're tired." – Terri, age 4

Louis Roney: Disturbing thoughts

The next destruction that we tolerate could easily be the last!

We hear in our democratic land that people get the government they deserve. This fact is often unnoticed when an uninformed and one-sided majority takes over and assumes command.

Louis Roney: Irish!

Someone said, "An Irishman is never peaceful except when he's fighting."

Jay was the most "professional" Irishman I ever met. It was easy for me to tire of his slobbering about "the old sod."

Louis Roney: Hold your fire

Today’s military climate is not the same as any we have ever known before. Nuclear weapons are now in every arsenal.

There are many historical predictions of future war between the ideas of Islam and western democracy. They surely are ideologies that will find it difficult to live in the same place at the same time.

Louis Roney: Glass Houses

An old American Indian proverb goes: “Don’t judge any man until you have walked two moons in his moccasins.”

An old American Indian proverb goes: “Don’t judge any man until you have walked two moons in his moccasins.”

Louis Roney: Far beyond the pale

Will the military ever be military again and stop being ‘yes men?’ I’m still waiting for answers.

Something has been bothering me. It just gnaws at me, and I’m not enough of an expert to handle it.

Louis Roney: What’s next?

Our personal clock starts the moment we are born and runs until our time is up whenever that may be.

My father used to tell me, “You make your own good luck.” I grew up believing that expecting something puts one on the track toward getting it.

Louis Roney: Mr. Natale's Christmas

“You could still sing great now if you really wanted to.” “You don’t really think that, do you?”

The day before Christmas, Mr. Natale stepped out onto his sunny, palm-lined driveway. A little boy was staring at him from the sidewalk.

Louis Roney: Completing the circle

My fate was not to be born to riches, but my life has been blessed by more than plenteous lucre ever could have brought me.

I have worked long and hard in the many years since moving to Winter Park and I am happy that we are affluent enough to enjoy old age here.

Louis Roney: Review of Orlando Philharmonic/Emanuel Ax

Ax is a pianist’s pianist and has all the fingers that only the greatest pianists possess.

His performance was an extraordinary personal experience for me and I shall jump at the opportunity to hear him again.

Louis Roney: Original sin

Thinking about sin is hardly a good hobby. And original sin is not only often pointless but confusing.

Knowing nothing myself about sin, I’m surely not going to try to get you involved in it — though there are some things about you that irk the hell out of me.

Louis Roney: 'Don Pasquale' review

All are happy: an afternoon of lovely singing – fine performances all around – a grand opening event!

Opera Orlando opened its 2016-17 season in the Alexis & Jim Pugh Theater at the Dr. Phillips Center on Nov. 18 with Gaetano Donizetti’s opera buffa classic “Don Pasquale.”

Louis Roney: Our changing universe

Is it impossible for us to remain the same in a world where our bodies are aging and the world itself is the locale of myriad evolutions?

If you are going to be stuck somewhere in our solar system you could do a lot worse than to make your life in Florida. Millions of people up north work all their lives hoping to retire where we spend everyday.