I LUV Winter Park


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Clyde Moore: Breakfast on wheels

I was never a big breakfast fan growing up.

I was never a big breakfast fan growing up. Caffeine, yes.

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Quality tiny fashions

Local shop provides nice second hand kids clothes

Kristin Cooper started her resale shop Max and Marley for the same reason so many others start businesses: She saw a void.

Clyde Moore: I LUV Park Avenue Style

Goin' window shopping

The first step in retail is always to get the product noticed.

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Clyde Moore: A welcoming legacy

Mount Vernon Inn provides a warm welcome for visitors.

The Mount Vernon Inn was an appropriate first stop for my Winter Park experience.

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Clyde Moore: Goin’ to the chapel

How a local couple transformed a tiny, old, empty church into a wedding chapel.

Suzanne and Steven Graffham built a wedding chapel from an old church, right in the middle of downtown Winter Park.

Clyde Moore

Local family has a passion for marking time.

Scott Gray’s part of the community, but speaks a language often foreign to me and most others, one of watch parts and mechanics.

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Park Style: Valentine’s Day style

Sweet and local

With the idea of individual Park Style in mind, I turned to local experts and business owners for ideas you just might love.

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Clyde Moore: Backyard paradises

Meet a woman with a passion for gardening.

Pam’s passion for the gardens, and knowledge of the museum, makes her an ideal guide.

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Clyde Moore

Rescued friends provide unconditional love.

There is nothing that can replace the memories, the love and the fun a dog adds to a child’s life.

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Clyde Moore

A glimpse into a quiet artistic rebel's studio of warped reality.

Local artist is a is a quiet rebel with a paintbrush.

Old and New Chapters

I’ve never been terribly good at resolutions, but in this new year new goals to complement previous ones are taking hold.

I always detested Labor Day. When we lived in Atlanta it was the first sign of winter’s approach.

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Clyde Moore: Holiday flash mob

Local columnist organizes flash mob in Winter Park

This year at Christmas I was determined to make a local flash mob into a reality. I just needed a general plan, and eager cohorts.

Clyde Moore: Amplify your style

Fashion turns back the clock again for 2013.

Fashion is about the creative expression of a personality you can come to know, but never see.

Clyde Moore: Hurricanes and Hydrangeas

The moment I decided to move to Winter Park.

I guess it really started with hurricanes and blue hydrangea.

Clyde Moore: A Dancer's Dawn

Finding creative ways to support a group that helps with the high cost of dancing.

So much of what happens at an early age dictates, or at least strongly influences, how we view the world later on, and find our place in it.