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Chris Jepson: My kind of getaway

Art and nature. Nature and art. Exactly my kind of getaway.

I sit, feet-up, on a weathered leather couch on a broad front porch and write with a view of the entire range of the Black Mountains as my vista.

Chris Jepson: Tinder moments ain’t necessarily tender moments

The history of our species suggests coupling (sex) is the driving force of our all-too-brief lives.

Sex in and of itself is delightful. But one-offs as I would characterize these Tinder moments leave much to the imagination.

Chris Jepson: Hello. Is anyone listening?

Whether or not America will transcend its racism during the 21st century is as problematic, as challenging today as it was for W. E. B. Du Bois at the dawn of the 20th century.

It is maddening to me that any white individual would argue that racism in America isn’t alive and well, thank you very much.

Chris Jepson: Fox News - A growing Boomer movement

I’m on pins and needles in anticipation of the first Republican presidential debate scheduled for Thursday evening (Aug. 6) on Fox News.

Only 10 candidates will be on the Cleveland stage but we’ll see enough to get the drift.

Chris Jepson: Her body, her business

Abortion rights, reproductive choice continues to be a hot flash issue in America.

This issue is “spun” a lot of different ways and it is anticipated that Republicans and conservatives are now tweaking their attacks on a woman’s fundamental right to control her own body.

Chris Jepson: Let’s pursue what works

When did doing nothing become our nation’s motto?

Where are the men and women who Jefferson and Hamilton thought would be America’s leaders? I know they exist.

Chris Jepson: The grace truth bestows

It is challenging to discuss faith and public policy in America.

I state the obvious when I say that the U.S. Constitution makes no mention of God (not one word) and strictly prohibits the promulgation of “a” religion in/through government.

Chris Jepson: A recommendation for Pope Francis, for America

Should the impoverished be encouraged to have children?

Should poor people incapable of sustaining themselves multiply their and our nation’s poverty by having more children?

Chris Jepson: Might too, all conservatives

Wow! What a challenging month June was for conservatives.

The Pope came out for cleaning-up Earth’s environment, gays can marry, Obamacare upheld and abstinence-only sex education took a hit.

Chris Jepson: America is unquestionably exceptional

As others see us, America considers itself a paragon of virtue, without peer in the world of democratic nations.

Yes, we are the leader of the West, of developed nations but, really, we are truly, inherently an exceptional people. A cut above, so to speak.

Chris Jepson: Go Pope Francis

Are there lesser categories of evil? In my world there are.

On June 14, Pope Francis released an encyclical on the environment and the poor. I welcome the pope’s input on the subject.

Chris Jepson: It’s disgusting. Show me more.

The latest national distraction is Bruce Jenner’s transformation to a woman.

While sympathetic to the sorrow that must accompany such confusion and doubt, I simply do not care.

Chris Jepson: The wingnuts are in ascendancy

Coming of age in the 1960s introduced (at a personal level) the idea of conflicting values.

Before Vietnam and the push for Civil Rights, white America lived in la-la land (many still do).

Chris Jepson: Conflating the issue

At some point in your life you’ll ask yourself, “Is this it?”

Your age, intelligence, disposition and history will, no doubt, influence when you pose the question, but inevitably we all wonder, “Is this it? Really?”

Chris Jepson: On exposing yourself

Having babies — I recommend — is something you should do when you’re young. There is something to be said for “not knowing any better.”

Babies (and children) are incredibly time-consuming, demanding and, as anyone who’s had the experience clearly understands, make you conform to their schedule.