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Chris Jepson: Conflating the issue

At some point in your life you’ll ask yourself, “Is this it?”

Your age, intelligence, disposition and history will, no doubt, influence when you pose the question, but inevitably we all wonder, “Is this it? Really?”

Chris Jepson: On exposing yourself

Having babies — I recommend — is something you should do when you’re young. There is something to be said for “not knowing any better.”

Babies (and children) are incredibly time-consuming, demanding and, as anyone who’s had the experience clearly understands, make you conform to their schedule.

Chris Jepson: Slavery exists in America today

I’ve taught history over the years and am always intrigued with the subject of American slavery.

A sorrowful fact of our times is that there are more slaves today worldwide than there were in 1860 America.

Chris Jepson: Lay down with a will

So much in life is beyond our control because so much of human existence is inextricably linked to (the happiness of) others and all that that implies.

One’s death, however, is extremely personal and, as such, you owe yourself—to the degree you willingly take ownership—the “good” end.

Chris Jepson: The future is arriving by the boatload

What “moral” or “ethical” obligations do we have for our fellow man (outside of family and friends)?

Are we obligated to house, feed and sustain those human beings outside our nation?

Chris Jepson: Dear White America

When presented with irrefutable evidence that challenges your preconceived notions or beliefs, will you adjust your thinking, attitude or behavior?

White America unequivocally practices institutional and societal racism; what are we going to do about it?

Chris Jepson: Sex as a four-letter word

Sex is a four-letter word to Republicans — specifically female sexuality.

What is it about sex and women that gets evangelicals and Republicans all tied-up in knots, their undies in a bundle?

Chris Jepson: Indiana - Where intolerance and religion meet

Indiana Gov. Mike Pence signed a bill prohibiting the state from enacting laws that “substantially burden” a person’s right to live or follow their religious beliefs.

There is an issue (for me) that is not being discussed regarding Indiana’s recent enactment of its Religious Freedom Law.

Chris Jepson: How to explain conservatism

So far, all we have are unsupported (by science) theories to explain why some human beings are conservative while others not so much.

If important brain functions created to respond to millions-of-years-ago external threats are operational in the 21st century mind, is it any wonder conservatives demand a “strong” military, unregulated guns or that they find immigration threatening?

Chris Jepson: How we might live

I am at times a little miffed that I do not have more time to live.

Perhaps, in one way I am out of the ordinary. I became mindful at a relatively young age that this is it.

Chris Jepson: America is better than her choices

America needs an election with actual options; one where the candidates present real choice for the electorate.

Hillary Clinton, like Jeb Bush, is too beholden to Wall Street and corporate interests. Little choice there.

Chris Jepson: The Republican problem with truth

Facts or truth? Would you rather have the “truth” on your side or the facts?

Facts “are.” Truth is what we (each human) make it. What is truth to you is not necessarily true to others. That’s not the case with fact.

Chris Jepson: Hanging with old white boys

I’ve been fortunate all my life to be good friends with old men.

Being able to laugh uproariously at the foibles of mankind, at one’s self specifically, is a quality I seek in relationships. And kindness.

Chris Jepson: I’ll have what Sally had ... only real

What we all want is passion. We all want the delectable frisson of first encounters. That rush of pheromones, those nostril-flaring experiences of “new” love.

If you’ve never had “that” experience or it’s been so long since you’ve felt that way—that that part of you has been dead for years — well, that is the undeniable appeal of “Fifty Shades.”

Chris Jepson: Why I am a feminist

The healthier a society is for women, the better it is for us all.

If I were to identify one cause that would make America and the world a better place it would be to make life better for women.