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Chris Jepson: In our guts we know he’s nuts

Tune to FNN for all the latest in alternative facts.

"FNN will provide all forgotten Americans only the truth and only as President Trump understands it. No whiney apologetic, wishy-washy, this or that liberal humanist malarkey, just the real scoop on who is selling-out America."

Chris Jepson: Would GW really sue us?

Reflective Republicans need to surface and say, “Enough already.”

As Will Rogers conjectured, “I bet after seeing us, George Washington would sue us for calling him 'father.'”

Chris Jepson: The emperor has no clothes

Depending on the day, I might experience a number of different emotions regarding this election.

My wife said she’s glad her mother and aunt are not alive today to witness the Republican presidential primary.

Chris Jepson: Feminism forever

I consider myself a feminist, and think any man who isn’t as either ignorant or a chauvinist.

To liberally paraphrase George Wallace: Feminism now, feminism tomorrow and feminism forever.

Chris Jepson: What do we do with dad?

No father wants to imagine it. Of being reduced, for all intents and purposes, to bedridden vegetable matter.

We all know our outcomes. What happens upon death, well, I have definite opinions on that subject, but this column is about considering only how we “give up the ghost.”

Chris Jepson: Better for women, better for men

The better it is for women, the better it is for men.

The better it is for women, the better it is for men.

Chris Jepson: Who’s buying Trump?

Trump is a tawdry confidence man, the quintessential bridge salesman. So sad for those buying. All Americans for that matter.

I learned a new word during my research for this column. And I am amazed that I did not see it used once during the presidential election. Trumpery.

Chris Jepson: The beautiful best of Winter Park

Make a day seeing the stunning splendor of Winter Park.

Winter Park is worthy of its motto as a city of “culture and heritage.” And I unequivocally add “beauty” as exemplified by the peacock adorning the city seal.

Chris Jepson: Do the Louie

I lunch every Thursday with my former boss. I love the man.

It recently dawned on me that I have spent more time with this man than I did with my father as an adult. This realization saddened me, not my time spent with Louis, just that I was not more available for my father.

Chris Jepson: Bernie Madoff to join Trump administration

Pardon expected after January inauguration

Mr. Trump was — as detailed on Snapchat — greatly impressed with Madoff’s grand vision of deceit as well as his superb execution of the massive fraud.

Chris Jepson: Trump – a primer

I thought a Trump Primer was in order to set the millions of Trumpian numbchucks straight.

Why did so many Americans willingly check their brains at the door (while in the election booth voting for Trump) when the candidate himself campaigned on a platform of outright lies, half-truths and deception?

Chris Jepson: Why be born into poverty

Should impoverished Americans be encouraged to have children?

Some will argue that it is hard-hearted and immoral to suggest that the poor not reproduce. I think it absurd and ridiculous to not expect the “financially challenged” to exercise restraint, to bring forth children only when their economic circumstances warrant (change).

Chris Jepson: What I’m thankful for

I’m thankful to be living in a nation that honors and respects speech, dissent and opposition to authoritarian abuse, of any persuasion.

I’m thankful for the freedom to call a spade a shovel. Trump is a national embarrassment and an undeniable danger.

Chris Jepson: We expect no less

I am a relatively tolerant person when it comes to accepting the diverse human expressions of individuality. But...

What I expect of my fellow citizen is that they see themselves as part of Team America, that ultimately we are all in this together and that we all have obligations to each other as citizens of the United States.

Chris Jepson: How this election makes me feel

What comes to mind is watching the Twin Towers (9/11) come down and that pit in your stomach that turns and turns and turns.

We’ve elected a man who publicly ridicules handicapped Americans. Unbelievable. He mocks and mimics their stuttering speech and shaky body movements. So shameful.