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Jim Govatos: Disasters that bring us together

Why is it that the worst of circumstances often calls out the best in people?

And conversely, why does the best of circumstances often call out the worst in us?

Jim Govatos: 50 shades of love

This Valentine's Day pitted two interpretations about love against each other on big screens around the country.

“Fifty Shades of Grey” seeks to stir up the fantasies of the mind; “Old Fashioned” appeals to the longings of the heart.

Jim Govatos: The gift of time and selflessness

"It is more blessed to give than to receive." This quotation is in high currency during the Christmas season.

Countless parents use the adage to remind children about the real reason for the season. In November, Orlando witnessed the saying lived out in reality.

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Jim Govatos: Thankfulness for four-legged family members

I think dogs are God's gift to human beings to teach us lessons in grace.

When dogs love, it is with a hopeful simplicity, and sometimes I like simplicity.

Jim Govatos: UCF’s lessons in getting back up

I simply wanted to say that great accomplishments can prove tenuous if we do not hang onto the details of what got us there. This is true not just in football, but in all of life.

When we feel things going in the wrong direction we can either hurry the downward spiral along or put the brakes on one inch at a time.

Jim Govatos: The fallacy of private celebrities

I think what is really at stake here in the celebrity photo scandal is our society's addiction to exhibitionism, which when coupled with a growing rise in voyeurism, makes for an explosive mixture.

Why this fascination with recording everything about everything? Are we so narcissistic that even the most private moments of life must be recorded for posterity?

Jim Govatos: A lesson in keeping faith

As I read the account of Zamperini's survival and imprisonment I was struck not only by his courage, of which there was plenty, but also by his deep sense of virtue in other aspects of his life.

I'm glad the Zamperini story has gained such exposure as a book, and come December, as a movie directed by Angelina Jolie, for it reminds us of important aspects of the human experience.

Jim Govatos: A father’s blessing

This Father's Day, I would want to ask, "Have you blessed your kids lately? Have you told them that you're proud of them and believe they will do great things?"

In honor of Father’s Day last weekend I've been doing some reminiscing about my own father, who died in 1975.

Jim Govatos: Bridging the gap between reality and our grasp of it

There is often a significant gap between reality and our grasp of it. What we pursue will eventually become normal for us.

Real change happens when we make daily commitments to attend to little things that eventually compound into big things.

Jim Govatos: Questioning God after a tragedy

Dealing with an imperfect world

I think all of Winter Park was rocked by the recent tragedy at KinderCare on Goldenrod Road, which claimed the life of 4-year-old Lily Quintus and injured many others.

Jim Govatos: ‘Resurrection’ and our life-after-death obsession

While we can wander away from Christ, we can't wander away from the question his life and death answered: Is there life after death?

I find it curious that the viewing public is still enamored with people returning from the dead even though we live in a post-Christian society.

Jim Govatos: The chemistry of "chemistry"

Researchers had shown that "falling in love" produced elevated levels of dopamine, the chemical that produces feelings of intense energy and exhilaration.

The bad news is that a dopamine-rush tops out at 18 months or so. That is why people "fall out" of love after a while.

Jim Govatos: Mandela’s lesson - Be fully human

It's interesting how the death of Nelson Mandela has united the hearts of people who wouldn't normally give each other the time of day.

As I began reflecting on why Mandela was such a compelling figure to so many different people, it struck me that somehow he embodied the human qualities most of us would like to have in our lives.

Jim Govatos: Not enough days to say ‘thank you’

There is something in us that wants to speak of gratitude, but often we remain silent. Let's change that this month.

If you get around on Facebook at all, you may have noticed that many people are doing "28 Days of Thanks" postings leading up to Thanksgiving Day.

Jim Govatos: Fighting against our own lives

While the apocalypse did not come when we hit sequestration, we are beginning to feel the pinch a bit right now.

Why not give Obamacare a try? If it doesn’t work, people can always vote it out later.