The mysterious rise in meat allergies

Allergies could be temporary or long-lasting

Meat allergies are uncommon; however, there has been a recent surge of meat allergies due to tick bites.

Senior Sneakers: RNC and DNC health tips

Fitness requires planning and coordination

Both Trump and Clinton’s camps knew their conventions were coming and neither camp planned the week before, just as we can’t plan for our health goals the week, or even month, before.

Louis Roney: Curmudgeons

They are free thinking people who conceal their tenderer impulses behind a smoke screen of misanthropy.

Curmudgeons are not necessarily evil-hearted, and not necessarily male — or old. They are free thinking people who conceal their tenderer impulses behind a smoke screen of misanthropy.

Maitland City Talk

Celebrating the state of the lakes

The city remains committed to its lakes. How can you help protect our bodies of water?

Chris Jepson: Government isn’t bad, bad governance is

Much of the current economic malaise (and wars) is a direct result of Republican deceit, corruption and misrule.

If you vote Republican, I recommend you move on and not bother reading today’s column.

Josh Garrick: Culture for your Calendar

Showcasing Orlando’s eclectic culinary scene, the Orlando Main Street Restaurant program is offered now through Aug. 13.

Each restaurant offers a Main Street Restaurant Menu in conjunction with their everyday menu encouraging residents to dine out in one of Orlando’s Main Street restaurants.

Nice, France massacre proved the world is a battlefield

Tears and tire tracks

It has become all too monstrously routine. We react with horror, but then soon everything goes from mournful to normal, until still another bloody attack.

Winter Park City Talk

CoffeeTalk with Commissioner Greg Seidel

CoffeeTalk featuring Commissioner Seidel will be held Thursday, Aug. 11, at 8 a.m., at the Winter Park Welcome Center located at 151 W. Lyman Ave.

Louis Roney: Constant reminders

Every era has its scribes, those voices who shape the words to make them into the language of history – over but not forgotten.

The quite startling effect of living where I grew up comes from the fact that in Winter Park on all sides of me are constant reminders from the far distant past.

Why use a pet professional?

Not all professionals are certified

Would you ever think of going to a massage therapist or a hair stylist who wasn’t trained and especially licensed? I know I wouldn’t.

Maitland City Talk

Parkside Chat with Councilman Lowndes

The Parkside Chat returns on Wednesday, Aug. 3, with Councilman Lowndes hosting. The series provides residents opportunities to ask questions and dialogue with a member of the City Council in a small group setting.

Tease photo

Life hacks for heading back to school

Wake up early to finish homework instead of staying up late

Whether you have a kindergartener, preteens or a soon-to-be college freshman, the beginning of a new school year brings excitement and a bit of anxiety for all families. Here are a few life hacks to help along the way.

Chris Jepson: What’s a brother to do?

My entire life I have been hearing and reading about police brutality of minorities. It has only been in the last few years that we are seeing the graphic reality (via cell phones).

I cannot get my head around why some white folks don’t get Black Lives Matter. Are they racist? Are they stupid? Are they uninformed? Are they brainwashed?

Josh Garrick: Culture for your Calendar

The free outdoor movie series in Orlando’s Lake Eola Park begins at 6 p.m. on chosen Fridays with activities and music from Mix 105.1.

Bring blankets, chairs, snacks and the whole family to enjoy free movies including July 29: “Jurassic World,” and Aug. 26: “Minions" at Orlando’s Lake Eola Park at 6 p.m.

Winter Park Chamber hosting back-to-school drive

Shop local for school supplies

Whatever your motive may be, make the most of your back-to-school shopping and spend your dollars locally.