Josh Garrick: Culture for Your Calendar

It's a celebration as opera returns to the Dr. Phillips Center with the newly renamed Opera Orlando.

Their “Boisterous Rebirth” is a double bill of a play-within-a-play featuring Mozart’s “Impresario” (updated to modern-day Orlando) and Poulenc's “Les Mamelles De Tiresias.”

Winter Park City Talk

Household hazardous waste drop off

The city of Winter Park, in partnership with Waste Pro for household hazardous waste and A1 Assets Inc. for e-waste, will be offering waste disposal for all city residents Saturday, April 16.

Louis Roney: The mystery of history

Asking one simple question sometimes leads to realizations that otherwise evade us.

How many of us wish that things “remain just they are now?”— damned few, I would guess

Maitland City Talk

City Council welcomes Mike Thomas

On Monday night, an inaugural celebration was held to welcome new City Councilman Mike Thomas and returning Councilwoman Joy Goff-Marcil and to bid a fond farewell to Ivan Valdes.

Chris Jepson: The key for happiness

Go to Cedar Key to walk and unwind. I’ve taken bicycles a couple of times but walking will get you wherever you might meander.

Cedar Key has an enchanting cemetery, perched on what passes for a hill there, with the Gulf of Mexico lapping on three sides.

Josh Garrick: Culture for Your Calendar

I can’t wait to see the Rollins College Theatre and Music Departments take on one of the biggest Broadway musicals of all time.

We all hope for great things as we enjoy the story of the beloved matchmaker Dolly Levi hatch a plan to marry Horace Vandergelder, the famous “half a millionaire.”

Winter Park City Talk

Students join together in unity

The city of Winter Park and the Multifaith Education Project are proud to announce the 13th annual Trees for Peace Interfaith Tree Planting Project, on Tuesday, April 12.

Louis Roney: Political animals

I simply hold that personal “arguments” about politics are cantankerous, and a futile waste of energy.

Voting booths are the confessionals of private preference.

Maitland City Talk

Councilmembers sworn-in

On Monday, April 11, Councilwoman Joy Goff-Marcil and Councilman-Elect Mike Thomas will be sworn into office.

Letter to the editor: Developers versus residents

Why can't we move on?

If you thought Winter Park was ready to move on from the historic preservation debate with last December’s passage of a three-years-in-the-making ordinance, think again.

Chris Jepson: The modern 'A'

I was so moved by Donald Trump’s suggestion, nay recommendation, that gals who get abortions also get a good whacking that I came-up with a few of my own.

Perhaps you’ll be so moved as well that when you write out your check to the GOP, you’ll request that your gift underwrite a solid caning of some particularly egregious offender.

Josh Garrick: Culture for Your Calendar

The first free spring Florida Blue Concert at 5 p.m. on April 9 features Jill’s Cashbox, a six-piece band with a deep love of rock/country music.

Telling the stories of their lives through their music, the concert is free – no tickets required.

Tease photo

Commentary: Envisioning a 21st Century Orlando

A bold plan for a 21st Century Orlando

"Orlando is going to lead America through the 21st Century,” Dyer said.

Winter Park City Talk

Beware of fraud

Recently, several utility customers have reported that they have been contacted by individuals or organizations claiming to represent the city of Winter Park.

Louis Roney: Mountain high

At sea level the human imagination, like the human body, is earthbound by invisible gravity.

On a mountain top the pull on the imagination is upward, aiming ever higher, liberating.