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Winter Park City Talk

Possible changes to city’s recycling and garbage program?

he city’s Keep Winter Park Beautiful & Sustainable Advisory Board has drafted a Sustainability Action Plan focusing on efforts to make the city more sustainable in the next 10 to 20 years.

Tom Carey: Summer herbs for Florida gardens

The ultimate taste of summer is the green goodness of basil.

Just about any plant exposed to the pounding rain of a thunderstorm will take a beating, but even more so for tender basil.

Louis Roney: Let me ask…?

These days there are many questions about the president and his presidency floating around in the political air we breathe.

Barack Obama has no experience with any of our armed services and yet as president he is commander in chief of all of them.

Maitland City Talk

Safety tips for new parents and grandparents

As a new grandparent, I’ve found I needed to review and remember how to deal with the safety of a small child all over again.

Chris Jepson: The end of your choice

I confess to disappointment over human lifespans. Some turtles, lots of trees, even some sponges—SPONGES!—have longer lifespans, years longer than human beings.

Dying isn’t the question. Never is. It’s when. It’s how. Make the living will. Have "DNR" tattooed in four-inch letters on your chest.

Jim Govatos: A father’s blessing

This Father's Day, I would want to ask, "Have you blessed your kids lately? Have you told them that you're proud of them and believe they will do great things?"

In honor of Father’s Day last weekend I've been doing some reminiscing about my own father, who died in 1975.

Josh Garrick: Culture for Your Calendar

More than 100 orchestra and rock musicians will come together to present an eclectic concert featuring some of the best music ever to come out of England.

Focused on symphonic compositions of the early 1900s and rock ‘n’ roll from the late 20th century, this concert features everything from “Pomp and Circumstance” to the greatest hits of The Beatles.

Winter Park City Talk

Win a KindleFire and $50 Cocina 214 gift cards

Attendees of the Sustainability Action Plan Public Forum who have completed the survey will also be eligible to win a KindleFire and other great sustainable items that will be raffled at the public forum (must be present to win).

Relationships rule when it comes to real estate

Real estate is a relationship business. It’s about trust and service, and you don’t trust someone you don’t know, at least not as well as you would someone with whom you have had a relationship.

The perception still lingers in many people that as agents we are here solely to find homes and show up to open their doors.

Louis Roney: Slices of time

In the ’30s Hope Strong and I, along with other members of our Scout Troop, would canoe with our leader Fleet Peeples down the Wekiva River and camp out overnight on Shell Island.

We were boys then. We were crazy. What else is new?

Maitland City Talk

Joint TAB/P&Z meeting on Thursday

On Thursday, June 12, the city of Maitland’s Transportation Advisory Board and the Planning and Zoning Commission will meet to revisit the recommendations of a 2004 traffic study and the future plans for Maitland Avenue.

Chris Jepson: The war on women

Even the most cursory exposure to world history depicts the relentless marginalization of women.

Has there been a war on women? Examine our history, nay, simply look around the world today and truthfully answer.

Josh Garrick: Culture for Your Calendar

Experience the charm of Winter Park’s Park Avenue at the Sip, Shop & Stroll, where you spend the evening exploring Park Avenue’s shops and restaurants.

Discover new shops, check out the fashions, gift ideas and menu items as you enjoy wine and hors d'oeuvres along the way from 5 to 8 p.m.

Josh Garrick: Culture for Your Calendar

Beginning June 6, Art & History Museums – Maitland will devote its museums to exhibits related to war and conflict in a manner unique to each museum’s mission.

New exhibits recognizing the 70th anniversary of D-Day open at Art & History Museum's - Maitland on June 6.

Chris Jepson: Why is more humanity humane for the planet?

I believe the conversation has shifted. More and more Americans are considering the idea that mankind (our industrialization) contributes to global climate change.

We’ve quickly moved from climate denial to, “Well, that ship has sailed.”