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Winter Park City Talk

Train station celebration

The city, in partnership with Amtrak, the Federal Transit Administration and Florida Department of Transportation, celebrated the grand opening of the city of Winter Park Train Station on March 3.

Louis Roney: A decisive trip

We had still not figured out exactly why we had bought a house in Winter Park, where we had no particular reason to be. But reasons soon surfaced.

Life in Winter Park is about as good as it gets anywhere for people who own a house and have provided themselves with comfortable living in their later years.

Paw's Corner: Do big dogs equal a stronger economy?

The bigger the dog, the better the economy?

Is our growing preference for larger dog breeds a sign that the economy is recovering? According to the American Kennel Club, that’s a possibility.

Maitland City Talk

General Municipal Election on Tuesday

The city of Maitland will host a General Municipal Election on Tuesday, March 11, to fill Council Seat 2.

Chris Jepson: A modest proposal

What if we attempted to reduce military appropriations and homeland security by half?

Why is it that Washington and Eisenhower’s prophetic warnings about an out-of-control military establishment are today largely ignored?

Josh Garrick: Culture for Your Calendar

Peak bloom season has officially arrived at Bok Tower Gardens, and this is the best time of year to visit the National Historic Landmark.

Visitors observe hundreds of varieties of camellias and azaleas along with orchids, irises, and other flowering plants throughout the Gardens.

Winter Park City Talk

Grand opening of city train station

The city of Winter Park, in partnership with Amtrak, the Federal Transit Administration and Florida Department of Transportation will celebrate the grand opening of the city’s new train station Monday, March 3.

Louis Roney: Alias “Mary Jane”

"Mary Jane” is almost as readily available as booze, and seems to be the drug that opens the door to cocaine, heroin and all the heavyweight mood-ameliorators

Those who lie to get a marijuana “prescription” from a “doctor” betray both the medic and themselves.

Review: Candlelight potpourri delights

Bach Festival delights

On Friday evening, Feb. 21, the Bach Festival presented an evening of highly varied music in Knowles Memorial Chapel at Rollins College.

Maitland City Talk

Honoring our Friends

The Friends of First Response - Maitland raises money through corporate and private donations as well as through their annual kickball tournament.

Chris Jepson: If it hurts

To the degree that truth reflects reality, there is legitimacy to the expression, “I am only as happy as my unhappiest child.”

My father had an expression, “If it hurts, don’t do it.” Life hurts. What then?

Josh Garrick: Culture for Your Calendar

The Art & History Museums – Maitland invites us to 31 days of artistic experimentation – throughout the month of March – focusing on the legacy of the Research Studio.

Highlights include wrapping the Maitland Art Center, an Art Car creation with Andrew Spear, workshops, and performance art.

Tease photo

Review: Marlow's Tavern in Winter Park

A taste of New Orleans

Having joined the renaissance of classic American tavern fare, this inviting atmosphere is the perfect backdrop for a menu highlighting Louisiana cooking.

Erika Spence: Business in the Park

With the arrival of March, the Winter Park Chamber of Commerce is taking a moment to reflect on the economy.

The Chamber in partnership with Rollins College Crummer Graduate School of Business is proud to host the annual Economic Update Breakfast on Thursday, March 6.

United Way priorities for 2014: education, income and health

The United Way represents many things

Help us work together to create policies that support our community.