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Water play offers cool summer fun

Practically the only thing kids can’t do with water is break it!

Here are some ideas for both entertaining and educational water fun at home using a wading pool or sprinkler.

Winter Park City Talk

CoffeeTalk & Good Morning Winter Park!

If you have a latte beans to grind or simply want to espresso your thoughts, CoffeeTalk may be the cup for you.

How to lose a loan in five easy steps

How to lose a home loan in five easy steps

Fortunately the formula for qualifying and staying qualified for a home loan is pretty simple.

Louis Roney: Yesteryear here

One’s past is not alive in one’s mind at all times, but we manage to drudge up valuable long forgotten moments and places when the occasion calls for it.

All in all, my remembrance of my school days in Winter Park is of a very placid, genteel and proper atmosphere, with hardly any hint of the hustle and bustle of today.

Maitland City Talk

Long range capital planning

Part of the annual budgeting process is planning the accomplishment of the city’s long-range goals.

Chris Jepson: Ya never know

What’s in a name? You move into any new community and various landmarks, parks, streets or buildings will be named after significant local civic leaders.

To betray the trust and confidence of a 6-year-old child, well, suffice it to say, prison isn’t sufficient punishment if I were holding the scales.

Josh Garrick: Culture for Your Calendar

In one of the funniest musicals ever presented at the Winter Park Playhouse, “SHOUT! The Mod Musical” returns to the Playhouse through July 19.

The hit musical tells the story of five women coming of age in 1960s London and features an incredible collection of ’60s classics.

Winter Park City Talk

Happy 4th of July!

On behalf of the city of Winter Park, I wish you a safe and happy Independence Day. Here are some important events and information as it relates to holiday festivities in Winter Park.

Louis Roney: Thomas Jefferson - Savant

In the next 17 days, Jefferson drafted one of the most beautiful and powerful testaments to liberty and equality in the history of mankind.

It would seem that present President Obama was “out to lunch” when Jefferson’s pertinent sage words were in the air.

Maitland City Talk

Faster commuting

Did you know: It is faster to drive from Maitland Boulevard to Horatio Avenue using the slip ramp and U.S. Highway 17-92 rather than using Maitland Avenue during peak traffic hours?

Chris Jepson: Why is everybody always picking on me?

A legitimate question that needs asking is, “What is in America’s national interest?” As in, why is it in the national interest to be militarily involved in the Middle East?

Is the extent to which we “care” about the region at all tied to the continued flow of oil as well as any “moral” solidarity America has with Israel?

Josh Garrick: Culture for Your Calendar

While the three-dimensionality of sculpture makes it a favorite for art-lovers, most art patrons have little concept of the steps necessary to bring a metal sculpture to a finished state.

OMArt’s “original art party” is at the Orlando Museum of Art in Orlando.

Commissioner's Corner: Learning how to ride the rails

SunRail is open for business and is transporting commuters along 32 miles of track from Sand Lake Road to DeBary.

I hope that SunRail provides an effective transportation solution for many Orange County commuters.

Ask a Trainer: Silver Sneakers

Everybody has to start somewhere, sometime.

The human body is capable of building muscle throughout your lifetime regardless of age.

Winter Park City Talk

Beware of fraud!

Recently, several Winter Park utility customers have reported that they have been contacted by individuals or organizations claiming to represent the city of Winter Park.