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Correction: "Cashing in on development"

Developer denies claim

Dan Bellows, who could not be reached before press time, has since said he has never had any interests in the five donating entities.

Winter Park City Talk

A Valentine concert in Central Park

On Sunday, Feb. 8, the Park Avenue Merchants Association will host The Sweetest Sounds: A Valentine Concert in Central Park.

Winter Park teams press into postseason

Winter Park heads to regional play this week

The Wildcats (23-2) had already earned a berth into the regional playoffs before entering the final game of the district tournament.

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Who should help vision Winter Park's future?

Who should help?

Who has the right to speak up about Winter Park’s vision of its future? The City Commission took another step toward its upcoming visioning process during its meeting last Monday.

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'Walking Classrooms' get students learning on the move

Studying while walking

Students studying while walking are dramatically increasing test scores, and a pilot program has been so successful it's already spreading nationwide.

A decade of delays from the VA

Construction of new VA facility hits a decade of delays

By January 2013, they were still haggling about trying to redesign the hospital to fit the actual budget.

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UCF Knights men's basketball team in conference trouble

Knights tailspin in AAC

Six straight losses have pushed the Knights to near the bottom of the American Athletic Conference’s men’s basketball ladder.

Keeping bad fats at bay

Why saturated fats are unhealthy

Trans-saturated fat is not healthy. Food companies make it by adding hydrogen to vegetable oil at high temperature.

How to fix a thermometer on the fritz

The difference between digital and mercury-measures

Since digital thermostats don't measure temperature using mercury bulbs — the way older thermostats do — calibrating them doesn't work the same way.

Ask a Trainer: Senior Sneakers

How much protein do I need?

To set up a proper foundation nutritionally, it is important to realize and accept that our metabolism (and, therefore, caloric need) declines as we get older.

Seniors: No sharing health information

How do seniors feel about sharing their health information?

When it came to sharing information for specific reasons, such as developing new treatments and reducing costs of care, seniors were the least likely age group in being willing to share.

Senior Calendar

Senior activities abound

AARP’s Driver Safety course, “Smart Driver”, will be held on Friday, Feb. 20, from 9:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. at One Senior Place.

Senior Bulletin

Volunteer help needed

Twenty-seven local trailer homes with disabled and elderly veterans residing in them need various repairs or help with painting, outdoor weed control, etc.

Louis Roney: The savviest guy

I looked out the window, and saw an elderly white-maned man licking a vanilla ice cream cone as he sauntered slowly down the sidewalk. It was Albert Einstein.

Einstein was a guy who cogitated about the universe and all that is in it. While he held an ice cream cone in his hand, in his mind he was holding the infinite!

Keeping Fido off the counter

Make sure, of course, that when you're not in the kitchen, nothing remains on the countertop that would present a danger.

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95 reasons to love Helen Tishman

Meet Helen Tishman, Energizer “Bubbe” and lifelong volunteer

How many 94-year-olds do you know who can email, Facebook, and Skype? Helen Tishman of Brookdale Retirement Community in Longwood can.

A tip for cleaning tricky high ceilings

No special equipment needed

You don't need to buy a special brush to get at high ceilings and skylights: Simply cover a broom with a pillowcase to clean cobwebs off the ceiling.

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Retirement community gym uses air-resistance to get fit safely

Seniors get fit safely

At first glance, the new space looks like a typical gym, with one key exception: all of the machines in this gym feature advanced pneumatic technology – using air resistance instead of weights.

Maitland mayoral race kicks off

Former mayor, longtime board member face off

A former mayor and a longtime city board member are facing off in the race to take Maitland soon-to-be open mayor’s seat in the upcoming municipal election on March 10.

Maitland City Talk

City Council Meeting of Jan. 26

The City Council and the CRA Board met at 6:30 p.m. on Jan. 26 in the City Hall Chambers. Below is a synopsis of that meeting.

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