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Winter Park lights up debate over street lighting costs

How much to spend on lights?

The Winter Park City Commission looked at options to install new decorative lighting in the city during their March 23 meeting, with the potential price tags being much higher than expected.


Maitland Spring Festival of the Arts

Join artists and fine crafters for the 27th annual Maitland Spring Festival of the Arts. The Festival will be held at Lake Lily on April 11 and 12.

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Video: Winter Park Easter Egg Hunt 2015

Egg Hunt video

Here's just how quickly kids get rid of 10,000 Easter eggs in Winter Park.

Winter Park City Talk

61st annual Easter Egg Hunt

The city of Winter Park is proud to announce its 61st annual Easter Egg Hunt that will be held Saturday, April 4, in beautiful Central Park West Meadow located in downtown Winter Park.

VA: Net worth won't affect health care

Here's how it works

The Department of Veterans Affairs will no longer use net worth as a factor to determine if a veteran is eligible for health care.

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UCF baseball tops AAC conference

Wild win raises record

A wild bottom of the ninth comeback win helped the Knights take their three game series over Houston last weekend, vaulting them to near the top of the American Athletic Conference baseball standings.

Washing with soap or using hand sanitizer?

Which one is better?

The jury is out on which is more effective, if you compare good technique with one against the other.

Tips to help sharpen your mower blades

Dull mower blades are pretty rough on your lawn, tearing grass rather than cutting it.

Sharpening mower blades is something not everyone does routinely, but you should commit to sharpening them at the beginning and end of the mowing season.

Senior Sneakers: S.M.A.R.T. Motivation

It is actually very common for people to struggle with staying motivated in the gym.

Goals: Have you accomplished them? Or, at the other end of the spectrum: Have you even created them?

Why seniors aren't retiring

Complaints about baby boomers taking (or staying in) jobs go back for years.

We were supposed to retire and make room for the next generation to take the slots we'd been occupying. But we're still hanging in there, often past the typical retirement age.

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Beating back age with iron and will

Using iron and will

At 64, Les Rinehart, one of Elite’s trainers, knows the challenges his clients face.

Senior Calendar

Senior activities abound

Casselberry, Maitland and Winter Springs offer adult fitness classes of all types.

Louis Roney: A girl on her toes

Heide was a ravishingly beautiful girl who was most satisfied when she first put on ballet shoes and learned to dance on her toes.

Very surely, there is “a will to die” as well as “a will to live.”

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Maitland increases rail crossing safety enforcement

Police up enforcement

The Maitland Police Department is working to train more Central Floridians not to stop their cars on train tracks with increased traffic enforcement at the city’s railroad crossings throughout April.

Maitland City Talk

Helping us help you

This year let’s speak on two new topics and ways you can assist your firefighters and each other in the community.

Letter to the Editor: A message to the Republican Party

The final nail in the coffin was our local Orange County Republican Executive Committee interfering in our non-partisan election in Winter Park, Fla.

In the recent mayoral election, because of OCREC’s help for Steve Leary, we lost the best candidate to lead our city, Cynthia Mackinnon.

Chris Jepson: Indiana - Where intolerance and religion meet

Indiana Gov. Mike Pence signed a bill prohibiting the state from enacting laws that “substantially burden” a person’s right to live or follow their religious beliefs.

There is an issue (for me) that is not being discussed regarding Indiana’s recent enactment of its Religious Freedom Law.

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Locally filmed ‘Hidden Agenda’ premiers in Maitland

Watch 'Hidden Agenda'

It’s dramatic, it’s dark, and it’s all the culmination of a dream to make a detective drama in Central Florida.

Josh Garrick: Culture for Your Calendar

Based on the children’s classic by Roald Dahl, a young orphan named James runs away from his conniving aunts only to find himself in the center of a giant peach?!

Surrounded by human-sized insects, James is joined by a wise Grasshopper and a pessimistic Earthworm on his wild adventure.

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New Eatonville mayor asks department heads to resign

Mayor requests resignation

Eatonville is looking for a new police chief after a controversial request from newly elected Mayor Anthony Grant to the town’s department heads.

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