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Additional candidates announce bids to run for Winter Park Commission

Realtor, former mayor to run

Another local resident is set to vie for City Commissioner Steven Leary’s soon-to-be-empty seat.

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Knights bounce back, ready for SMU

Readies for Mustags

Bouncing back from a devastating loss, the Knights bulldozed Tulsa to regain their footing in the American Athletic Conference standings.

Shingles vaccine not for everyone

People on high-dose steroids or other medications that suppress the immune system should not get the vaccine.

Neither should people with leukemia, lymphoma or advanced HIV.

Louis Roney: Running from taxes

If we exempt one half of the population from paying taxes, we are turning over the government to those who pay nothing but can vote anything they wish.

If they want a bridge to the moon, they can vote for it all right, and I guess the rest of us had better accept the fact that we are trapped on a crazy planet.

Dog’s trail runs frustrate owner

Work on her off-leash skills, first and foremost.

You’ll need to take her to an enclosed outdoor space, like your yard or a mostly empty dog park.

Maitland approves downtown redevelopment plan

Will say goodbye to Winn-Dixie

The project will transform the block between Packwood and Horatio avenues sandwiched between U.S. Highway 17-92 and Independence Lane.

Maitland City Talk

Toys for Tots

At the Nov. 10 City Council meeting, Vice Mayor Ivan Valdes introduced Corporal Jordan Gruskin, who presented the Toys for Tots box.

Chris Jepson: Can we talk?

I’m amazed at the number of issues that we really cannot unemotionally, rationally discuss as a people, a culture, as a nation.

There’s the old chestnut of avoiding politics and religion in polite company. Something I have assiduously avoided all my life.

Nancy Lugo: Finding out what 'runs in the family'

Sometimes family history can help identify generations of problems that had not been diagnosed.

Your family health history may have clues to what the future could hold, what mystery is currently ailing you, and what you can do for better health.

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Jim Govatos: Thankfulness for four-legged family members

I think dogs are God's gift to human beings to teach us lessons in grace.

When dogs love, it is with a hopeful simplicity, and sometimes I like simplicity.

Josh Garrick: Culture for Your Calendar

Florida’s most progressive farmers, gardeners, artisans, and non-profits will celebrate the fifth anniversary of the Winter Park Harvest Festival in Central Park’s West Meadow on Nov. 22.

Taking place in the week before Thanksgiving, the Festival offers a farmers market, cooking demonstrations, kid-friendly activities and live music.

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Delivery service drops homecooked meals to Baldwin Park doorsteps

Fresh meals delivered

Dinner is served with the ring of a doorbell in Baldwin Park thanks to a new, recently launched meal delivery service that takes fresh produce straight from the farm to your kitchen table.

Edgewater blows away Seabreeze, heads to semifinals

Heads to semifinals

It took the Edgewater Eagles six minutes to start hanging points on the scoreboard against Seabreeze, and they didn’t stop until the game was a 35-0 blowout.

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Controversial Eatonville development delayed

Plans to transform the town

An upscale $200 million development that could redefine the nation’s oldest African-American incorporated town has been put on hold for now.

Ideas for fun lunchbox and snack surprises

My kids are getting older now, but I occasionally think up some surprise that can pick up their day.

These special attention-getters for different ages are sure to make lunchtime a highlight of the day.

Community Bulletin

New Hope for Kids announces fundraising campaign

New Hope for Kids hopes to raise $2.5 million through their Building New Hope campaign to support the purchase and renovation of a building that will allow the consolidation and growth of its children’s programs.

Commissioner's Corner: Big changes for Orlando venues

On Oct. 22, 2013, the Board of County Commissioners voted to approve Mayor Jacobs’ $92.5 million Tourist Development Plan colloquially known as the Venues Agreement.

The plan included funding for Phase 2 of the Dr. Phillips Performing Arts Center, Citrus Bowl renovations, a new soccer-specific stadium for a Major League Soccer franchise, additional tourist advertising and promotion, and upgrades to the Orange County Convention Center.


Winter Park Harvest Festival

Enjoy a producer-focused farmers market, demonstrations and workshops, a kids’ activity corner, and lots of tasty treats all to some foot-stomping tunes at the fifth annual event on Nov. 22.

Ask a Trainer: Pick up the weights to lose more weight

I often have to remind people how cardio, weight training and diet activities, in unison, will help them reach their weight loss goals quicker.

Weight training also helps prevent fatigue during cardio, allowing you to increase your lung capacity and strengthen your heart.

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Winter Springs weightlifter raises money for toddler leukemia patient

A weighlifter's special burden

Whether his arms fell off or not, he said, he was going to lift 500 pounds.

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