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The Finley Project offers support for grieving mothers

Mom creates charity after loss

The Finley Project, created by Maitland mom Noelle Moore, is aimed at helping moms heal after they’ve lost a child.

Louis Roney: Sister Maggie

Maggie's marriage has been seemingly routine up to now.

In place of Louis Roney’s regular column, here is an original fictional short story, written by our columnist.

Mosquito bites can bring disease to Orange County

Mosquitoes bring disease

This year some of the mosquitoes moving in have brought with them a very unwelcome house-warming gift: Chikungunya.

Maitland City Talk

Community Redevelopment Agency update

The CRA district staff continues to work hard on the goal of building a new downtown for Maitland.

Chris Jepson: Less cant, more context

Context is a dirty word to many Americans. It suggests subjectivity when what humans want more than anything is certainty.

Certainty is comforting. Context challenges certainty by requiring one to use their imagination. Context implies accommodation.

Nancy Lugo: Ignoring immunizations increases risks

In every classroom, on average, two kids are not fully protected against life threatening diseases and can spread infections to others.

Something risky is happening. Bad microbes lurk, ready to attack and cause devastating infections when our defenses are down, especially among children.

Jim Govatos: A lesson in keeping faith

As I read the account of Zamperini's survival and imprisonment I was struck not only by his courage, of which there was plenty, but also by his deep sense of virtue in other aspects of his life.

I'm glad the Zamperini story has gained such exposure as a book, and come December, as a movie directed by Angelina Jolie, for it reminds us of important aspects of the human experience.

Josh Garrick: Culture for Your Calendar

Art & History Museums – Maitland gives voice to the Hispanic community in its new exhibit “Lengua Materna” opening Aug. 22 at A&H’s Maitland Art Center.

Translated as “mother tongue,” the exhibit presents universal ideas through the unique vision of Hispanic culture with artists representing diverse communities in a variety of media.

Concert review: Stellar end to concert series

Rimma & Friends by the Orlando Philharmonic Orchestra

The evening deserves to be remembered particularly for wonderful artist Rimma Bergeron-Langlois’ memorable commanding moments of stellar violin artistry.

Community Bulletin

Big grant for arts and sciences

Arts and science education for Central Florida preschoolers received a financial boost today with a $400,000 grant from the PNC Foundation.


Food Truck Fiesta a Lake Baldwin Park

Come out to the Food Truck Fiesta a Lake Baldwin Park on Saturday, Aug. 23, from noon to 5 p.m. for live music and great food.

Ask a Trainer: Fitness at your desk

What are some good exercises to improveposture and relieve the pain of sitting at a desk all day?

When sitting at the desk, our attention is always either forward or down. That elongates our back muscles and shortens our shoulders and chest muscles.

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Casselberry's RunYak - the little race that could

The local adventure race

Part running, part paddling, all fun, the race with a goofy name has a small, but loyal following of outdoor enthusiasts and weekend adventurers.

Winter Park City Talk

CoffeeTalk featuring Vice Mayor Steve Leary

Don’t forget to attend CoffeeTalk featuring Vice Mayor Steve Leary on Thursday, Aug. 14, at 8 a.m. for conversation and a cup of coffee provided by Palmano’s Cafe & Wine Bar.

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Fighting traffic woes at Winter Park Trader Joe's

Developer may be only hope

Heavy traffic and parking problems plaguing the Winter Park shopping plaza containing Trader Joe’s may be there to stay unless the developer takes action.

To repair or replace broken screen door?

Tips and tricks

If the doorframe is undamaged, you should be able to replace the screen itself without paying too much.

Christina Rordam: Why you need a home inspection

Trust is something you earn, but in business and home sales it’s best to do your own homework rather than rely on the other party.

A home inspector is a third party who can give you information about the home you are purchasing that may not be readily available to the naked eye.

Louis Roney: Hang in there!

As our density grows, developers provide the nudges and flows that make our future take shape.

We old-timers are much concerned with the coming shapes of our lives and where we live, and present thinking becomes future reality.

Summer selling strategies for helping your home stand out

Here are a few tips from the Orlando Regional REALTOR Association to help your house stand out from the crowd during the summer months

In much of the country, a frantic summer selling season is made necessary by the extremes of the seasons. Here in Orlando, the mild climate makes home showing and selling a breeze all year long.

Policy check puts Maitland mayor in place

Did mayor overstep bounds?

A workshop about budgeting last week bowled into an hour of bickering between members of the Maitland City Council about balance of power in the city’s government.

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