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Louis Roney: Hang in there!

As our density grows, developers provide the nudges and flows that make our future take shape.

We old-timers are much concerned with the coming shapes of our lives and where we live, and present thinking becomes future reality.

Summer selling strategies for helping your home stand out

Here are a few tips from the Orlando Regional REALTOR Association to help your house stand out from the crowd during the summer months

In much of the country, a frantic summer selling season is made necessary by the extremes of the seasons. Here in Orlando, the mild climate makes home showing and selling a breeze all year long.

Policy check puts Maitland mayor in place

Did mayor overstep bounds?

A workshop about budgeting last week bowled into an hour of bickering between members of the Maitland City Council about balance of power in the city’s government.

Maitland City Talk

Walking your bus to school

Did you know there’s an activity that can improve your child’s energy, concentration, self-esteem, memory, and creativity while you and your child have a great time doing it?

Chris Jepson: No more barns in Winter Park

Winter Park is having a moment about its future. You see “No Density” signs around town protesting the large developments that seemingly spring-up like weeds in the garden we call Winter Park.

As significant (to me) as the density levels are the architectural aesthetics of any constructed projects. Why do our buildings and roadways have to look the way they do?

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Winter Park honors local Team USA soccer player

Local player honored after World Cup

The Winter Park City Commission recognized Team USA soccer player Graham Zusi during their Monday meeting for his time in Brazil playing in the FIFA World Cup tournament.

Josh Garrick: Culture for Your Calendar

In 2011 Orlando launched Orlando Cares, bringing volunteers to help young people improve their academic success.

Through six programs, volunteers have helped more than 6,000 children.

Letter to the Editor: Fountain in Time

Poem for Elizabeth

The following letter was submitted as a poem in response to the Observer’s story, “Pursuing a peacock and a promise,” which published in the Aug. 7 issue.

Tips for finding extra money in your budget

Even a small change in habits can leave more money in your wallet.

When you need a little extra money, chances are you can find some if you know where to look.

Community Bulletin

NAI Realvest negotiates new lease at Horatio Professional Center

Real estate firm NAI Realvest recently negotiated a new lease agreement for 5,153 rentable square feet at Horatio Professional Center.

Josh Garrick: Culture for Your Calendar

“Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone” in Winter Park's Central Park

Bring the whole family for an outdoor film viewing of “Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone” in Winter Park's Central Park at 8 p.m. on Thursday, Aug. 14.

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Orlando-area filmmakers take on 48-hour movie-making challenge

Making a movie in 48 hours

Filmmakers from all over the world, including Orlando, race the clock each year to make a movie in just 48 hours during The 48 Hour Film Project.

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Oviedo police release 'swatting' 911 call

Hoax call released

"I have a problem," the 911 caller said, his voice shaking. "I just shot my mom." Now police are hunting the hoaxer for 'swatting.'

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UCF's Blake Bortles successor: Pete DiNovo

DiNovo vs. Penn State

After months of testing, the quarterback UCF head coach George O'Leary hopes could give the Knights Blake Bortles-level firepower has a name: Pete DiNovo.

Winter Park City Talk

It's time for CoffeeTalk

If you have a latté beans to grind or you simply want to espresso your thoughts, CoffeeTalk may be the cup for you.

What is this mysterious illness that’s killing veterans?

The VA has a page that describes these unexplained illnesses, saying they’re presumptive for service connection.

Undiagnosed illness with abnormal weight loss is listed. Why can’t it figure out what this is?

Heredity can increase risk of heart problems

A family history is a significant risk factor and that heart attacks happen even in people with good blood cholesterol.

My colleagues in cardiology and I recommend a good diet and exercise regimen, a statin, blood pressure treatment such as what you are getting, daily low-dose aspirin and a periodic stress test.

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Soup dinners help fund Orlando startups

Dinners fund startups

Orlando SOUP is a micro-granting community dinner offering local activists, entrepreneurs and creatives a platform for networking and an opportunity to win funding for projects.

The dark side of some cholesterol medication

Just because niacin has helped folks achieve better LDL and HDL numbers doesn’t mean that it helps to prevent strokes and heart attacks.

If you’ve been prescribed niacin to go along with your statins for heart attack or stroke prevention, talk to your doctor about whether you should continue to use it.

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Winter Park organizations help seniors grow in-home gardens

Seniors get gardening tips

Local nonprofit Our Whole Community and the Winter Park Housing Authority have partnered up to help improve seniors’ access to healthy foods.

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