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Louis Roney

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•It's amazing the variety in personalities and experiences that a dinner party for eight can bring to a table. The education, travels, careers, life experiences and the personae of eight intelligent people blend to create a colorful tapestry before one's eyes. Such a combination of people comes to greater fruition in the expansive ambiance of a comfortable home than in the finest of restaurants. That ambiance is one of the primary lures of having a chez of one's own, a stage setting for the dramas and fancies that nimble minds are inspired to concoct.

•Barack Obama is outlandishly extravagant — and so is his lying. It would be convenient to like this Ananias of a man, if we could but locate his possible virtues. The plain truth serves the least of us well — why not the same for the servant of us all, in the White House?

•My beloved wife's birthday was coming soon, and I asked her if there was something she especially wanted. She said that there wasn't — that she had everything already that she had ever desired. She asked me if there was anything I wanted at this time that I didn't have already. I thought for a minute, then looked into her eyes and said, "only lots more of the same." "That suits me fine," she said, and kissed me on the cheek.

•Nice words from a nice lady after a party at our house: "How incredibly young and fit you look. Obviously, you never have had a moment of trial nor tribulation!" (Oh yeah?)

•Can it be pure coincidence that event after event seems to be changing the U.S. into a second-class nation on the order of many of those in Central and South America?

•How many voters now rue the day in 2008 when they voted for Obama for president? Obama's prior experience had been a mere 142 days in the U.S. Senate.

He promised "change" to the American public — but not "transformation"!

Much to our chagrin, he is transforming us!

Most of us are now living in a U.S. that we would gladly trade for the one we put into Obama's hands. I wonder how many people have recently felt, as I have, a sense of impending doom that stems from the White House and reaches the hearts and minds of citizens?

Most of us are trying to do what we think is best for ourselves, our families and our country.

How many truly trust the president to make prompt and sound decisions?

In WWII most of our leaders won the respect and trust of those in uniform and in civvies.

Mr. Obama has given us very little that seems trustworthy.

We have made few mistakes in our history rivaling in peril the election of Obama as president.

He probably recognizes that he will have but one term.

Even so, he still has more than two years left to wreak his gargantuan waste. Wise Americans must rein him in for posterity's sake.